Monday, June 9, 2008

Really Boring Post. Hopefully Won't Happen Again

I am inhaling my lunch as I write this b/c I took my real lunch time to go to the doctors. They don't seem to know what's wrong with me either but sent me on my way with a perscription for prednisone. Hopefully it will work and that will be the end of it. If it's not, I will be back there again next week.
Most of my weekend consited of hiding from the heatwave that has hit us. I literally looked outside with fear on my face. G-dog got 2 walks in the earliest part of the day possible and she was content to lay around the house the rest of the time. The only time I was out for a significant amount of time was when we met friends out for dinner and we got ice cream afterwards (the poor girl we were with is 6 days overdue with her first child). Other than that we did nothing at all. I read a good deal and Mom called from Bobo-BS5-Suburbia country to let me know she was having a fabulous time with L and they took a nice river cruise up the Thames. Oh, supposedly it has been quite warm there too, 75 or 80. So I was able to explain to the doc the green color of my skin today but not the itchys.


Böbø said...

Oh lordy Scargosun, it's been boiling hot here in Engerland. Boiling! 23ºC (74ºF) in Yorkshire

I really thought I'd die without an ice lolly - by Hullaballoo talked me down.

Glad you're mum is having a delightful time in Bobo Though it'll be even hotter with her, 200 miles down south.

Yes, he things he's so funny, with his strange vowel sounds and clement weather.

Talisman said...

I hope the meds work for you. I HATE prednisone. There's something about that drug that makes me eat anything that's not nailed down.

Feel better!

Snooty Primadona said...

I once had this horrible oozy, itchy place on my leg that the dermatologist gave me some cream for. It kept getting bigger & worse, so I got a refill of the cream. When I went to the pharmacy to pick it up, my pharmacist (for over 20 yrs.) had one look @ my leg and said "You're not going to put this cream on that leg are you?" When I said yes, he informed me that I had wringworm and the cream was making it spread. Turned out he was right and after the right stuff it was gone in 2 days.

So, the moral to this story is... sometimes it's good to ask your pharmacist if he can recommend something. They usually know a lot more than they let on, lol.

Suburbia said...

My sympthies with the itching skin. I got badly bitten on holiday and all the bites went away ovet the last week but today they are all back!! Exactly the same ones/same places. That's never happened before. They are driving me mad!

I hope your stuff works for you.

Glad your mum is getting our good weather rather than our normal drizzel!

insane mama said...

I just wanted to say that predisone is a form of steroid and it's VERY important to take a calcium supplement while taking predisone, especially for woman.
Ask your Dr, about it.
Hope it helps!

Queen Mommy said...

It was horrible this weekend. It is official, I have turned into my heat loathing mother. Not what I had hoped for...

Anonymous said...

Also, depending on your dosage, the prednisone may start keeping you up at night. In addition, if you take it for more than a few days, you should have a plan for weaning off it slowly (a taper) rather than stopping it cold turkey. As a systemic steroid, Prednisone not only reduces inflammation, it supresses your adrenal gland and long doses require a taper in order for said gland to wake up and start doing it's thing again.