Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Crackberry: Welcome to My World

This is where I spend 8 hours a day (give or take) 5 days a week. You can see my lunch on the desk, a pic of P and a really nice plaque from the Phila Museum of Art's Degas exibition. I also have a pear paperweight that weighs about 5 lbs. I threaten people with it.

I share this office with A. His desk is to the right. My office door is closest to the lobby so if our receptionist, who is part-time, isn't there I end up signing for everything and letting other advisors know their clients are here (if their clients are a-holes, I make them wait a little longer). I also am the go to person for the copiers, computers, mail machine and pretty much anything else office related. Yes, I am that girl in the office with all the answers. Not sure how I got that way but all day I hear, "Check with Jen, she'll know." and "Jen is the scanner working?" etc.

It's actually a nice place to work and I get along with everyone even if they irritate me. One of the other assistants has a candy drawer we all contribute to. It's just a good thing for me it's on the other side of the office.

Sorry for the boring post but I am actually feeling slightly under the weather (hoping that a few doses of Airborne will take care of it) and there wasn't anything particularly great to take pics of today. I will tell you a very nice thing my in-laws did for me last night. They are traveling to Charleston, SC this week. Last night they called and I answered the phone, FIL, "Guess what I am looking at." Me, laughing a little, "I have no idea." FIL: I am looking at the Cape Fear River and the bridge that goes over it from the Pilothouse [resaurant]. Me: "REALLY!? I didn't know you were going to stop there on your way." FIL: "Yes we decided to do it and stay the night." You see, they decided to stop in Wilmington, NC for the night and that's where I went to college and spent about 7 years of my life. I could tell exactly where he was from where he was standing and told him to look to his left to see my old boathouse. I really loved living there and have not been back since moving back to PA. It was such a nice surprise and gave me some time to think about all the great times I had there.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

70 Things You Didn't Know.

I figured if Shelby can do it while putting off unpacking I can do it. Not tagging anyone. It's a passive meme.

1. Who was the last person to call you babe? Co-worker (jokingly)
2. When shopping at the grocery store, do you return your cart? Always.
3. If you had to kiss the last person you kissed, would you? Yep
4. Has someone ever sang a song to you? Yep. Also wrote songs for me.
5. Do you play Sudoku? No. I don't have the patience.
6. If abandoned alone in the wilderness would you survive? I think so.
7. Have you danced in the rain? Yes
8. Would you consider yourself a jock/prep/goth/emo/gangster? Prep
9. Ever been to the beach? My soul lives there
10. Do you like cheese? Yes.
11. Have you ever been to the emergency room? Many times.
12. Do you like hot or cold weather more? Cold, you can bundle up if you are cold. Only so much you can take off if yu are hot.
13. How many different kinds of meat have you eaten? Many. I don't recommend tripe.
14. Do you pass gas and blame it on others? Yes.
15. Do you like winter? Yes
16. Have you wiped a booger under your desk? YES! And anyone who won't admit to this is a LIAR! (had to say the same as Shelby on this one)
17. Do you have a secret crush? Not at the moment. I sometimes get like 3 week crushes though.
18. If your house was on fire, what would be the first thing you would do? Grab cell phone to call 911 with dog in tow.
19. Would you get plastic surgery? Only if I was disfigured somehow.
20. Who do you text the most? Probably P
21. What color are your eyes? Gray
22. How tall are you? 5'6"
23. Do you wish you had smaller feet? Yes, Dad referred to them as gunboats and why did I bother taking them out of the box.
24. Has a rumor been spread about you? Yes. I was slightly promiscuous at times.
25. Have you written a secret admirer letter? Yes
26. Ever fallen for your best friend? Yes. BF in HS was a guy.
27. Age you lost your virginity? 18
28. Would you pretend to like something to please your partner? Yes but not very often.
29. Favorite Ex? I have one yes.
30. Are you insecure about your weight? YES
31. Ever had a sexual fantasy? YEs
32. Would you rather give or receive? Give
33. Do you prefer to sleep or eat? Ooooo that is REALLY hard. Sleep
34. Do you look like your mom or dad? On first glance, Mom but more carefully Dad.
35. How long does it take you in the shower? 20 minutes unless there is major landscaping needed.
36. Do you watch reality tv? Yes but not Survivor or Big Brother. I like Deadliest Catch and stuff like that.
37. What movie do you want to see right now? SEX AND THE CITY but I am waiting until the 20th to go with my girlfriends.
38. Do you illegally burn music? I never figured out how.
39. What did you do for New Years Eve? 8 course dinner with another couple and a midnight toast.
40. Do you think The Grudge was crappy? Did not see it, see post below.
41. Last sporting event attended? My last touch football game.
42. Have you been to an IMAX theater? Yep at The Frankin Institute (will NOT call it The Franklin)
43. Was your mom a cheerleader? No
44. Were you a planned pregnancy for your parents? Planned
45. What is your middle name? It used to be Kathleen but now it's my maiden name.
46. How old was your mom when she gave birth to you? 22
47. How many hours of sleep do you get a night? 7 wish I could get more.
48. Last time you had sex? Today
49. What do you buy at the Movies? Nothing, BYO for me. I am SO bad!
50. Do you know how to play poker? Yes, I have been told I can do well at it but I don't really know.
51. Do you wear your seat belt? Yes, feel naked without it.
52. What do you wear to sleep? Tee shirts mostly.
53. Anything big ever happen in your town? Hometown, couple movies filmed and war battles.
54. Is your hair straight or curly? Wavy, with it was one or the other.
55. Is your tongue pierced? No. OW!
56. Do you like Liver and Onions? I am not sure. It has been awhile
57. What is your favorite sushi? Madai (red snapper, sahimi)
58. Do you like funny or serious people better? Funny smart people.
59. Ever been to Hollywood? Yes
60. Who is on your mind right now? G-dog
61. Any plans for tonight? Bed very soon.
62. Last party attended? Memorial Day bbq
63. Do you hate chocolate? No
64. What do you and your parents fight about the most? My Mom's new boyfriends
65. Are you a gullible person? No
66. Ever go to a theme or costume party? Yes. Friend had one of the first Pmp and Ho parties.
67. If you could have any job what would it be? Jewelry designer
68. Are you easy to get along with? Yes
69. What is your favorite time of day? 10am
70. Are you a generally happy person? I plead the 5th...hand me my Prozac.

Scary Books

For any of you that were fans of the show Friends, do you remember when Rachel and Joey traded favorite books and when Joey was scared of the book (his book - the Shining) or sad about a book (Rach's book - Little Women) he put the book in the freezer? Well right now, I want to put The Golden Compass in the freezer.

I LOVE to read. I really do but this book is making my blood run cold right now and it's killing me. Today when I get home all I want to do is go outside, sit in the sun with a glass of wine and read BUT...the book scares me. I worry that I am going to have nightmares about it. Let me remind you that this book was written for CHILDREN. I am a fraidy cat. Also, I am a bit screwed up and my imagination is insane realistic (this is why I don't like movies). When I read (or see a movie), it's like I am there, in the middle of things. When things in a book scare me or make me sad, I think I feel them way more deeply than I should. It's freaking make-believe but somehow in my mind, I can make it seem more real. I don't know. Maybe I am not making sense. It's almost like I am trying to avoid the emotion that the book evokes because it costs me too much to let it out.

When I read books about real like (biographies, memoirs, etc) I don't have the same problem. I can read them, think about them, feel any sort of emotion and I am fine but bring fiction into the mix and I have to put the book down...or maybe in the freezer.

Dental Mental

I have decided that I am not allowed to be in public after trips to the dentist. It does something very odd to my brain. I started going to the dentist regularly again about 6 months ago because, well, not becuase I am now a mature adult, but because I actually had a problem that continued to get worse. They found 7 f-ing cavities, including a gaping hole where I cracked a tooth. Six months later I dutifully went for my next cleaning, 3 more. Today I had the new cavities filled. Such fun. I started to notice though, when I get into my office after these visits, I am slightly left of center and having conversations is not a good idea. I am not sure if it's the stress, the vibration in my head from the torture instruments or the mouth being open for so long but I generally lose the ability to act normal. Last week, after my cleaning, a co-worker had to tell me that the answer I gave to a question or joke they said was marginally offensive to him. It was like I meant to say one thing and another came out of my mouth. I explained that I had just come from the dentist and I was 'not right.' He understood having recent, extensive dental work. Today, SAME co-worker, same thing (only he didn't mention it b/c I hightailed it out of the kitchen). I also have been using my hands to gesticulate a lot more. I am not sure if it's because my brain is slower and I feel the need to express my thoughts faster or what. Anyway, after work, I will probably collapse into bed and sleep until tomorrow...which is also odd for me.

I know it's not the novocaine/epi because it's not just when I have something filled. Although the epi does make my heart race and I thought I was having a panic attack because of it when I went the first time. I am beginning to think they pump nitrus into the rooms through the HVAC vents or something and the staff must have developed a tolerance to it by now so that we patients do not become suspicious. ;)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Two Steps Forward... step back.

Here in PA, we need to get our card inspected yearly. This year, I needed 2 new tires and of course with new tires comes an alignment. That is on top of the inspection and emissions testing fee. So, in order to have my car pass inspection, I will need to pay over $450. My car is 3 years old. It is not in need of extensive repair so $450 seems like a lot to me. I am starting to think maybe I should invest in a scooter to get me to work because between yearly maintenance and gas I am going to be selling my blood soon (and they wouldn't want it anyway).

I am pretty down becuase P and I have been tightening our belts and not putting anything on the credit cards. Eating in a lot more and being very careful with the budgeting. Now, we have this. It's like no matter how hard we try to do the right thing, financially, there is always something around the corner to bite us in the ass. I know, that's life and what not. It just gets tiring sometimes, ya know?

I think I'll go home tonight (after picking up my car) and crawl under the bed until the economy gets better. I'll take my blankie too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey You! That Post Below Needs Your Comments!

Please look at the pics and tell me what I should do about the color for the walls. I need my kitchen back.

Also, I hate my garden right now for giving me poison ivy. I know there are MANY, MANY worse things in life but right now I am so on edge because of the itchiness I am about to jump out of my skin. Also I am forced to type with my forearms lifted so I don't get my pilfered steroid cream on the desk. So, I decided that beer was medicinal this evening. I may need a few doses though to really get the circulation going. My drug of choice...Sam Adams Summer Ale. I am usually more of a micro gal myself but this is probably my favorite summer brew. I am going to leave you with that thought and the hope that you will look at my kitchen pics while I try to not go insane before the alcohol kicks in.

Monday, May 26, 2008

My Kitchen - It Needs a Grown Up.

First let me say, my kitchen is usually the cleanest and most clutter free place in the house. Right now I shudder when I walk in so don't judge me on it.

Everything that is light blue would be navy blue. The crossword tile would stay. So tell me what you think about my painting plans. Goodnight.


As the Holiday Weekend Draws to a Close


Hullabaloo tagged me and since I have not posted (except on Twitter) since Saturday, I'll gove it a go.

BTW...I am in a bad mood because I now have poison ivy from the flipping back garden.

Five Bad Habits (so MANY to choose from!)

1. I am always right.
2. I play with my rings; take them off put them on, using only the fingers on the hand the ring is on. Very dangerous.
3. I stress over entertaining (and most other things in life) in an very unhealthy way. Probably not good that I am planning a garden party for 200 for work currently.
4. I am VERY impatient...see number 3.
5. I play on the interwebs at work.

I will add people to tag tomorrow. Right now I need to put some anti-itch cream on my lovely hell plant rash. GRRRR!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Smelly and Sore

Gardening again. I think I garden out of guilt. The woman that lived in this house was 82 when she left. She was a gardener and had a beautiful perennial garden in the backyard next to the patio and it was like her baby. I know this because her children told us at the closing. The first year we were here, it was somewhat easy to maintain. As time has gone on, it has gotten increasingly difficult. Today I spent two hours just on that garden and it looks like all I did was trample the daffodil greens down. What I actually did was remove all the dead stuff from last season (I know I am late in doing so) and release all the peonies from the grip of the cancer vine. I call it the cancer vine because that it what it reminds me of. It hides, pops up then grows and strangles the pretty plants. It doesn't flower and it grows about a foot a day. It reminds me of kudzu. It's easy enough to pull and break but you never get the damn root and then it pops up again. It is the bane of my gardening existence. I now have to wait till the daff foilage dies back so I can do some rearranging. I am determined to do it this year I just don't want to ruin the peonies.

ASIDE: Just went down to check to see what G-dog was barking at. Two flippin' squiriels sitting about 2 feet from the poor girls nose through the screen door. Jackasses were teasing the poor girl.

Anyway, I got rid of the rest of the mulch pile on the side gardens and around my herbs. I have been taking tufts of G-dog's hair from brushing and placing it around my herbs to discourage forraging critters. So far, so good. My only worry is that there is enough sun hitting the areas where I planted sun loving plants (2 butterfly bushes and some lavender). It's tough because we have very large oak trees which provide lovely shade but might be too much of a match for my plants. Time will tell.

No plans tonight. This would normally be ok but I can't cook either. P's project for this weekend entailed repainting the kitchen cabinets. I don't want to cook in the midst of the painting for fear of getting grease, etc into the paint. It is going to look so much better in there when it is done. I just need to pick a color for the walls. There isn't much to the walls b/c there is this odd tiny tile halfway up but I'd like to go with something a little deeper than the light blue that is there now. P isn't so sure. If I though it wouldn't darken the room, I'd go with a deep blue like navy for contrast with the white cabinetry and moulding. It's not a big kitchen. Maybe I'll post a pic and you can help me. :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Crackberry Pic

I took this during our torrential rain this week from the front seat of my car. This is the Spring Mill Cafe. It's a French restaurant with influences from the places the owner has visited. It is also a BYOB, which is nice. P and I go to this place every year for Valentine's Day and at other times too. They recently painted the rooster on the side of the building in celebration of their anniversary. It looks really good. There are also beautiful perennial gardens in the front. This is also a place that I pass by on my way to work.
There is a story connection too. P was very good friends with the owner's son when they were in grade school. Sometimes P would go to the restaurant with his friend after school and they would steal all the sugar cubes out of the sugar bowls and eat them. This guy now manages the place as his Mom is getting older and is doing more traveling. They once offered to take P to Morocco, a place they visited almost yearly but P's parents wouldn't let him go. :(
Anyway, I liked how this turned out, looking all watercolory because of the rain. It looks really cool when you click on it to make it bigger.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Nice Evening

1. Drinks at Sullivans with sister, Mom, brother and two of sister's close friends. I found my perfect buzz during this time; 1 Knockout (not really, just a martini with a little citris flavor) and two Sam Adams Summer Ales. Excellent.

2. Watched Deadliest Catch whil P is at his hockey game.

3. Thunderstorm rolling in.

4. In 5 minutes I will be curled in my bed with a book. ;)

Summer Lovin'

For some reason, maybe it was Sue's blog or the approach of Memorial Day weekend but I got to thinking about the summer boyfriend I had when I was in high school/college. I don't even know that I can call him a 'summer' boyfriend because we were only up on the Cape for 2 or 3 weeks at a time. My sister, her friend and I came upon these boys skin boarding in the low tide pools on the beach. Giggling ensued and somehow, we ended up all walking out on the Sesuit side of the jetty. The boys showed off by jumping off the jetty into the harbor side (not legal or safe) and eventually since they thought we were ignoring them, they started to walk off away from the beach. I had no idea why so I asked them why they were leaving. The one, E, told me that he thought we were ignoring them so they decided to go. I countered with "No we weren't." I know, witty and sexy, thank you 8 years of all girls private schooling. S0 we started talking and I asked if he wanted to come by that night and hang out. He was a couple years older than me and could drive (score!) and most important to me, he lived on the Cape. It FASCINATED me that he could do that. It was a dream to me. To him, it was just a dull place to live. Anyway, he came over that night and we hung out at my house, then we went to Scargo Tower, which overlooks Scargo Lake. We talked and then out of the blue, he leaned in and he kissed me. At the top of the tower, over looking the lake. It was the best kiss I have ever had in my life, gentle and sweet but with heat. None of the fumbling like other guys I had kissed before. It was the most romantic moment so far in life and ranks up there with the top 3 still. I have never taken P there, nor any other boyfriend that came with me to the Cape.

Over the years when I would go back to the Cape, we would some how fall back in touch either by him swinging by the house when he thought we might be up there or my me, in my bolder days, calling his house. From 1989-I think 1993 we would get together at least once, even if I had a boyfriend at the time (yes I am horrible, whatever). If we had more time together, we would go jumping off bridges into the tidal rivers, walk, make out in on the beach.

When I started dating B, the guy I actually thought I was going to marry, I didn't see E, didn't even look for him though he was in the back of my mind. Since B and I dated through 1997, it has been 15 years since I saw E. I still think about him though. I think from checking the phone book at one point and the internet later, he got married but still lives on the Cape. I do know he doesn't work at the farm stand anymore. I did have a picture at one point of him and he had bracelets I made out of thin climbing rope (the kind you get at REI or EMS) that he really liked but that's it. There are no love letters, no cutesy pictures. All I've got are the memories and for some reason, that is more romantic to me than anything on paper.
There was some hilarity that ensued one night, ask me about "The Bells" later. It's a family joke now all at my expense.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Softie

So last night I was on my way home from Lottery Yarn and I called P to let him know I was on my way. When he answered he sounded all kinds of stuffed up. I asked him about it he said itcame on this evening. I asked him if he took anything for it, no of course. Anyway, I get home and he is in bed with G-dog. He is stuffy and his eyes are red. I asked him if he was ok. I was thinking really big allergy attack or something. Turns out, he had been watching a movie but when he switched back to TV it was on Animal Planet and it was one of those Animal Cop shows. He had never seen it or made fun of me when I might have been watching. He got sucked in and had a few tears falling because of one of the stories about a dog being abused. Awwwwwww! He said he'd never watch it again.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it May or October and Working Tonight UGH!

So rainy and chilly, seeing my breath when I walk the dog. This all reminds me of October, which I like very much but seeing as it is MAY the 40-something degree weather last night and the 50-something today don't really fit.

Anyway, today I have that dreaded chore of the 2nd job after my day job. Do I really need this job to live, no. So why do I subject myself to the $8.30/hr wages? One word, discount. I got this job thinking that we'd be able to furnish the bedroom and some other things but here it is almost 2 years later and no funiture. Don't get me wrong, I have taken as much advantage as possible. Christmas gifts are good there, so are house warming etc. I just don't feel like I can quit without making a big purchase. I know, I am crazy. Somehow the with the seasonal changes and new stuff just sucks me in and I think I can stick it out a little longer. There are things that I like about working there besides the discount. Some of the people are really nice and sometimes the customers can be very appriciative. Then there are those other times when if I have to straghten the flippin frames one more time I may shoot someone or the fact that I HAVE to ask customers for their email address (I've been given a talking to on more than one occasion about my low email captures). I think I need to make a pro and con list of the reasons I continue to be there. The problem is, the discount will always outweigh all the cons in my crazy brain. I might need professional help with this. Is there a 12 step program for retail?


Here is my passive tag from Shelby. ;)

What I was doing 10 years ago?
I was working on my frist 'real' job out of college, extracating myself from a relationship and living on my own in Charlotte, NC.

Five Snacks I Enjoy
-Rice Chips with salt and black pepper (TJ)
-French Fries
-Pirate Booty

Five Things On My To Do List Today
-enter Quickbooks stuff
-work at 2nd job (blah)

Things I would do if I were a billionaire
-Pay off current house
-buy house on Cape Cod
-buy house in Anguilla
-Donate scholarships
-Set up a no kill shelter for animals
Five jobs I have had
- Retail Pharmacy Techician
- Hospital Pharmacy Tecnician
- Account Specialist for medical device company
- Project Manager for Disease Tracking website/drug company
- Glorified assistant

Five of my bad habits
- ripping my nails
- playing with my rings
- snacking
- oversleeping
- running with scissors

Five places I have lived:
PA 3 cities
NC 2 cities
Costa Rica

Monday, May 19, 2008

Tagged...I've Lost Track How Many Times

Ok 6 more things but I am not going to tag anyone else. I think I was tagged by Shannon but I know one person took one away out of pity. ;)

1. I have 1 tattoo (did not hurt am working on the design for another)
2. I have my bellybutton pierced (hurt very much, yes)
3. I spent a summer at the National University in Costa Rica.
4. I played touch football for 7 years, this was my last season (I totally rocked at it too).
5. My video game handle is Evil J Money (was also my Beer Pong/Beruit nickname given to me by my partner in Beer Pong crime.)
6. I know everything there is to know about the show MASH.

JAAAAAA! Dentist!

Yes that's right, I have a dental appointment today. Like many other people I HATE going. The last time I went (ok, it was after a 7 year hiatus) I had 7, yes 7, cavities. Some quite deep. It is in about an hour and I still have to pull myself together to get to work afterwards.

Anyway, so Mom and L came other for dinner last night. L is in town this week for meetings at the last minute. This means she was able to go to a friend's open house the day she got in and then drive to NJ to see her godchild then swing around to my house for fajitas and Margaritas. I don't know how she does it. I think she must be used to the flight and jet lag by now. It was a nice evening and this morning I had the hint of a tequilla headache but it's gone now.

For those of you with Trader Joe's near by, I used their Carne Asada marinated beef for the fajitas last night. It ROCKS! You must try it. We also had shrimp and the rest of the fixin's for fajitas, mostly couresy of TJ's. Maybe I should work there. ;)

I think that's all for me. I have been told I have a couple memes waiting for me so I will try to get to those later and catch up from the weekend.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tagged...I am so tired

Write six random things about yourself. Tag six people at the end of your post linking to their blog. Let each person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog. Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

So, six things about me:
1. I have arachnaphobia.
2. I know a lot about drugs (was in the indsutry awhile)
3. I HATE chocolate and fruit together
4. I went to the same school at Will Smith (The Fresh Prince)
5 I know how to change the oil in an 86 Thunderbird
6. My nickname in college was "Bump" for awhile.

I tag:
Cheryln, Carrie, Sue, Julia, Tiffany and Muffy

I Will Be Sore Tomorrow

Again...minds out of the gutter.

Today I:
1. Ran to Farm Market and picked up basil, thyme (2 varieties), parsely (2 varieties), dill (he he dill weed), rosemary and sage; at least 3 of each.
2. Ran back to FM to pick up new pink gardening gloves I left behind at register (ok, yes I bought pink gardening gloves. They are cute and durable and made for women.)
3. Lugged about 7 loads of mulch from township mulch pile home.
4. Spread all but 2.5 loads on front gardens.
5. Planted new herb garden on side of house (if those rabbits eat my herbs I am making rabbit stew, Friday post be damned) and removed probably several hundred tiny grape hyancinth bulbs and many daffodill bulbs from herb garden area to be transplanted ASAP.
6. Swept driveway, sidewalk and front door sidewalk from P's edging earlier.
7. Ran to grocery store to pick up meat products for grill (again, Friday post be damned), salad, rolls and toilet paper.
9. Invited Mom, sister and brother (in town from Suburbia and BS5 locals) to dinner Sunday night. (I had already had 4 beers. my guard was down.)
10. Had several beers with dinner and in front of outdoor fireplace until rain started.

I know I did other stuff but it escapes me now thanks to beers.

Friday, May 16, 2008


Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following. They have to be real places, names, things. Nothing made up! Try to use different answers if the person in front of you had the same 1st initial. You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl.

What is your name: Jennifer
4 letter word: Joke
Vehicle: Jeep
City: Jackson
Boy's Name: John
Girl's Name: Jocelyn
Drink: Juice
Occupation: Jockey
Something you wear: Jacket
Celebrity: Jared Leto
Food: Jello
Something found in a bathroom: Jewelry
Reason for Being Late: Jackasses driving
Cartoon Character: Josie (and the Pussycats!)
Something you shout: JAAAAAAA! (when I see spiders)
Animal: Jaguar (HATE the car company, like the feline)
Body part: Jelly Belly (mine and Santa's)
Word to describe you: Joy-ish (trying to be joyful but not really)

I tag, Los, Sue and Mama Dawg

Friday Crackberry Pic: Baaa!!!!

This is a picture I took on the way home yesterday afternoon. I have wanted to use it for the Friday pic for a couple weeks but I have to catch the streetlight correctly so I can stop without holding up traffic.
This is a lovely farm about 2 miles from our house. They also have cattle but they don't usually cavort like the sheep do. I look for them everday in the morning on the way to work and on the way home. Sometimes the lambs are playing and baaa-ing about (I usually baaa back too). Yesterday I noticed a good number of them had been shorn that day or the day before. I love sheep.

Which brings me to an interesting debate that P and I have with ourselves. If we love animals SO much, why do we eat them? We both have a hard time with this and have had numerous discussions about it always ending in, "I just don't think I could give it up." We get the whole food chain thing and what not. We just feel bad that something has to suffer to sustain our life.

I don't think we were always this aware of this feeling quite this much. I think it really started to hit home when we were looking to adopt a dog, who eventually was G-dog. She was in a kill shelter and we were deciding to either adopt G-dog from Tennessee or adopt a dog that was already fostered close by. We went with Grace because there was no way we could see her being killed just because someone didn't have the time for her. The other dog was already fostered and would have been adopted or kept by the foster family.

It was then we started thinking more about the suffering of animals for the sake of human enjoyment, whether is before food or supposed companionship. Then there was that whole ground beef thing (I wrote a post about it, one of my first I think). It's just that so many things seem to point us (meaning me and P, not everyone) in the direction of veggie or at least, meatless omnivoures (not sure if that is actually a real thing, I was thinking no red meat or chicken).

Be aware, I swing back and forth on this topic a lot. Maybe I always will. When I pass the farm some days I just want to go and cuddle the sheep and the lambs, some days I think of them with a nice lemon and thyme sauce.

Thursday, May 15, 2008 strings attached

Here's a meme...I am not forcing you to do it but it does have some difficult questions.
It's from the game "Would you rather"....

Would you rather: Eat a can of cat food...I have sensitive teeth I would not be able to eat ANYTHING for weeks if I ate all those lemons.
Have one child who is totally out of control -or- 9 children who are well behaved angels? 1 out of control child...heard of duct tape?
Have an attractive spouse with a hideously annoying laugh -or- an attractive spouse who is a really bad dresser? Hot spouse with the annoying bad could it be?
Without ever being able to wash them, be forced to forever use the same bath towel -or- sleep in the same sheets? Sleep in the same sheets. Two words: towel mildew...
Publicly mud wrestle your spouse -or- a stranger? spouse.
Wake up one day and not recognize your friends and family -or- wake up one day and have them not recognize you? have them not recognize me. ..that way you can start over
Have very, very smelly underarm sweat -or- non-odorous underarm sweat that nonetheless causes terrible stains on all your clothes? Stains, I'd buy new clothes more often
Have one thick, furry eyebrow across your entire forehead -or- an inordinate amount of ear and nose hair that cannot be removed? uni-brow and a daily waxing appt
Have all your friends be smarter than you -or- have all your friends be much better looking than you? I'd rather be smarter.
As a 25 year old, forget your entire childhood up to age 15 -or- lose your memory of the last 5 years? I really don't know
As a groom, forget the ring -or- be one hour late for your wedding? Forget the ring.
Be offensive -or- incredibly passive? Offensive, passive is very boring.
Share your home with 6 90 year old men and 6 90 year old women -or- 2 ostriches? Ostriches, come on.
Get free gas for your car or the next 5 years -or- be exempt from speeding tickets for the rest of your life? Free gas
Have the power to read minds -or- the power to make anyone fall in love with you? I already read minds
Spend every minute for the rest of your life indoors -or- outdoors? Outdoors...if I have a treehouse
Hang upside down suspended from the Eiffel Tower by a nylon cord -or- be strapped to the wing of a flying airplane with only duct tape? Eiffel Tower.
Be 6 feet tall and ugly -or- 3 feet tall and beautiful? 6ft tall and ugly
Be stranded on an island for 2 years with 20 friends -or- with a group of 20 famous people of your choosing? Friends, hands down.
Be stuck in a warm, dark place -or- a cold, light place? warm and dark, that way if im stuck, i could at least sleep. I have to use this one too.
Have a photo place always lose your photos -or- have the airlines always lose your luggage? Photo place lose photos...I just won't go there...not that I have in like 5 years.

Tax Rebate Super Specials - Gee Thanks

Hey Sweetie,

This ad is tearing my heart out. Take a look at the Sunfire package. Dream equipment. Dream price. Nightmare because we can't afford it. It is actually painful to think about. This is equipment I wouldn't think of getting because it normally costs too much and now I know that at some point down the road I am going to pay more than this discounted price for an amp and processor (albeit seperate purchases most likely) and get less. I had to vent. Its just too painful. I hope you're having a nice day.

I love you.



My response:

Dear P
I am sorry your heart is being ripped out by stereo equipment. Here is a list of things that are ripping my heart and other internal organs out:


Love you. Hope you are having a nice day.


Being the One Without Kids Part 2

A little while back I wrote a post about how I was getting used to being the one with out kids. Today, I am not feeling that. For the past two evenings, I have spent dinner with 2 seperate groups of friends (high school and bookclub) and 95% of the talk was about their kids. Last night, I actually wanted to cry because all I could do was sit there and listen about camp, summer scheduling, strollers, poop, music lessons and I don't know what else. The thing is, I do understand, really I do. Kids are a HUGE part of their life and when you get together with friends, isn't that what you talk about, your life? It was just so frustrating that anything that goes on with me, wasn't relatable to them at all and it's not like I lead a very exciting life. I get this feeling that anyone with kids just sees me as...less or a 'before kids' version of friend. I don't have kids so my life must not be as difficult, I don't have kids so I must have all this free time to dance around naked or something more frivilous. Maybe it is all just in my head. Maybe I am just feeling sorry for myself. I don't know.

I do know, I miss having meaningful book discussions at my bookclub, I miss having my friends talking about things other than their kids. I am jealous of that new bond my friends seemed to have formed with each other, that Mommy-bond. I can't compete and I am not sure what to do about it.

Sorry for the bit of a downer post but I really felt like bursting into tears last night in the middle of dinner. I spent some time trying to figure out if I got a bad batch of Prozac or I was really just upset.

Also, for the record, I love reading blogs about your families and I do truly love my friends with kids.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Misfire and a Hot Dog

So I feel a little off kilter today. I am not crazy about what I am wearing and I had a weird dream about an ex-boyfriend (not the Wiener Mobile one, the one after that one and actually it could have been a REALLY good dream...if you catch my drift, *wink, wink, nod, nod, nudge, nudge*). Anyway, I just feel like I missed the mark starting the day. Do you know what I mean? I am not completely out of it but enough to really wonder what made me wear what I put on today.

Anyway, since some of seemed very entertained with the fact that I dated a guy that drove a Wiener Mobile...

Scarily enough all I had to do was search for his name and this popped up. REMEMBER...I DID NOT DATE HIM AT THIS TIME. This was a couple years after we broke up. He also interned at Disney World and my brother ran into him there at that time. This is how he knew that we still lived in the same place and drove his sexy ride to our home when he was working this particular internship. I also figured that since another blogger was posting phallic symbols disguised as friendly child-friendly objects, I'd jump on the band wagon.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Where Skies Are So Blue...

First. Thank you for the well wishes! I am doing much better today! I think that crazy Nor'easter had something to do with it as well as all that prep stress from Mother's Day.

Anyway, I was catching up at the office so I didn't have a ton of time to post today. BUT! On the way to home to let G-dog out for lunch, our wonderful radio station (WMMR) played a live in station version of "Sweet Home Alabama" from when Lynyrd Skynyrd was in the studio in 1993. It was the best version I have ever heard (and I have heard a few). It was about 70 degrees outside, blue, blue sky and a few thin clouds floating by. It was one of those drive times that you wish was taking you into the weekend.

Since it wasn't taking me to the weekend, it took me back to my North Carolina days and how I was a fake redneck for a summer when I dated a guy from East Carolina University. We went four-wheelin, yard-salin' and swam in people's man made ponds in inner tubes from tractors (fish tend to bite your butt when you are sitting in those by the way). I wore cut off camo pants often. My boyfriend's best friend referred to me as "Yankee" and asked me about yarmulkes because for some reason he thought they were associated with Catholics. Yes, it was a stretch for this prep from the northeast but I did have a good time that summer. It was like living in the song "Sweet Home Alabama."

Oh, I got rid of the guy when he decided planning a keg party with his friend was more important than talking to me on the phone. Priorities, people. Also, as an internship one summer (after we broke up) he drove the Oscar Wiener mobile...
to my home...
in Pennsylvania...
while we were on vacation.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Just woke up.
Feel like someone hit me with a bat.

It's not a Haiku but I have a migraine.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


Just noticed how many Mom's posted on their blogs about how much they love being Mom's and thanking their kids for basically letting them have a Mother's Day. That is so sweet!

Happy Mothers Day!

So now I am in the down stage after entertaining. It's when my body goes, "Ok, your done, here's a nice headache and unexplained nausea." The nausea is kind of funny because it used make me wonder if I cooked something wrong. I know now that it's because I work myself into a tizzy to get everything together and PERFECT. Have I mentioned I am a control freak? Anyway, after a nap I feel better and can tell you about our day.

I made the pics small so you may have to click on them to see better.

So, everything went very well and was very much enjoyed by all. I did not take this picture. If I had everyone would be looking at the camera.

From left to right, my Mom (she has the scorpion pic and will be sending it to me for your enjoyment. She got back from Honduras yesterday.), P's G-mom (she waitresses for fun and 'mad money' at 82) and P's Mom (incredible cook and I've learned a lot from her. . She speaks like 4 languages and is leaning more).

I only had one issue and it was that my pie crust fell in the oven while prebaking it. Luckily, I bought a frozen one at TJ's for just this emergency. It was quite good. I patted myself on the back for not freaking out when it happened. I'll still try the crust again but not in a straight sided mold.

These are pinwheels. The only thing left of the pie dough I made. :( When I was little and my Mom would bake a pie we would make pinwheels with the leftover dough. I used to ask her to make pie dough just for pinwheels. Each person had one on their coffee cup plate. Her mother taught her how to do it.

The triangle-like pastries are the tyropitas. They are a Greek pastry made with mostly feta and eggs, folded into phyllo. P's G-mom is Greek 100%, as it his Mom (yes, Peter is usually pasty white b/c he is also German). The other puffed things are something I threw together with the extra filling I had from the tyropitas. It's just puff pastry with tyropita filling.

The plate on the bottom are the cheddar-dill scones. No story here, they are just GOOD, a recipe given to my by a friend who is a fabulous cook. I also had banana bread b/c I didn't have anything for the top tier but you don't really need to see that.

This was an idea I had at the last minute. I didn't want to do anything big food-wise before the brunch but knew I would need a little time to finish up in the kitchen once everyone got there. So I made a toast and jam plate. The little toasts are just very thin white bread cut into small squares and triangles with a little brushed on melted butter, toasted in the oven. Then there is jam.

I don't have pics of the sausages or the quiche as all the pics were taken during the feast (with the exception of the toast and jam) and the quiche went fast as did the fruit salad. We also had fresh squeezed OJ, sparkling lemonade and coffee (could not have make it thru without).

That's about it. I am still tired and the Flyers are on. I am told there has already been a puck to the face and a big fight so I am missing out. Hope you enjoy my little food post.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Almost Forgot...Cooking

The tyropitas turned out very well although there must have been a misprint in the recipe somewhere b/c I ended up with a TON of extra filling. Not sure what happened there but they are very tasty and most of them made it to the freezer for Mother's Day. Next up, fruit salad which I'll make on Saturday and then the quiche on Sunday. Wish me luck. I may take pics if it ends up looking nice. :)

Friday Crackberry Pic

This is my wrist. On my wrist are 3 identical bracelets called Cape Cod Screwballs or as they were once called, East Dennis Screwballs. They come from Eden in East Dennis, MA (Cape Cod) and they are my talisman. I never take them off. Never. In the airport once I did have to but a nice security guy told me all I needed to do was unscrew them. It worked! Unscrew you say? Yes, these bracelets are solid all the way around. You essentially have to unscrew the ball and then you can pull the ends apart to remove them. This is another reason I don't take them off. You can make the silver weaker if you do that. I have one for each decade I have been going to the Cape.

There are many imitations being made on the Cape of this bracelet and that makes me angry. The people that created it are very nice people who have a tiny shop in East Dennis where they have been making and selling jewelry and pottery for years. When I was little we would call it "The Buttermold Shop" because before there was the Cape Cod bracelet they sold clay replicas of buttermolds, used in Colonial times. Many people that go to the Cape collect these and we did as well. Most of the houses we rented on the Cape had a collection. The shop had a swing we could use and I think I remember a pretty collie dog that was gentle and sweet. They also had this path that was like a treasure hunt in the woods. They made locations hidden along the path where you picked up an oyster shell at each location and at the end of the path you should have had a certain amount of shells. I wish I could remember how many!

Now, there are lines out the door and 3 hour waits just for the bracelets. There is no swing and no path (deer ticks are very bad now). You come armed with bug spray and something good to read and possibly and umbrella. This is what you must go through to get your bracelet, not some air conditioned store where they don't even know the real story behind the bracelet. (That they were made for a friend of the family who had cancer and wanted something simple designed for her. I know for years they donated part of the money from the profits from the bracelets to cancer research. I can't be positive of that now but considering the family, they probably do.) If you love the place, as I do and almost everyone that keeps coming back, you stick it out for your special piece of the Cape. It is that important to many, many people.

Anyway, that is my Crackberry Pic for today. If you ever find yourself on the Cape, please visit the shop. I linked it at the top of the page.

Tagged from Across the Ocean

Here's the Tag:
What I would like you to do is post a comment on someone else's Blog today - anyone you like, anywhere on the planet. Make a note of the letters that make up the 'word verification' for your comment. Now write down a few words yourself on your Blog - the words starting with each verification letter you had to type in. So if you typed in 'kjdffs' to verify your comment, the first word of your little list would start K, the second J, the third D and so on. Each word has to reflect something cool or important to you and your take on life! No cheating! Also tell us where you commented to get your letters!

Commented on Alaina's World and got vxobwc for word verification.

V - vexed...about many things at one time or another
X - xenon...headlights - they blind me at night if they are adjusted incorrectly on someone's car
O - oreos...had them in my Coldstone Creamery ice cream this week.
B -books...I hoard them
W -wine...I puffy heart it
C -'s probably what I do best

I now tag: Tiffany, Los and Phil

I will post my Crackberry pic soon.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Evile Ex Brother In Law

UPDATE: Ha ha! I found it! P is on the left EEBIL on right. I picked this one b/c EEBIL looks really bad and I think P looks pretty darn good. :)

I am suprised that many people were more interested in the scorpion than the EEBIL (Evile Ex Brother In Law). Since I won't post about Mom till at least Sunday, I'll tell you about EEBIL.
I spell 'Evile' with an 'e' because it can still sound like evil but you can also say it like e-vile as in an extra vile creature. I also like italics.
Let it be noted that I never liked EEBIL. On our first meeting we (me, L, my bf at the time (BFATT) and EEBIL) went mountain biking on the trails along the river. My sister was very, very new to the activity. She didn't know how to easily switch through the multitude of gears for different types of environments. Did EEBIL try to help her? No, he zoomed on ahead and I stayed with her, giving her tips on how to handle the mud, slate, stones etc. Oh, it started to rain too. I didn't get a good vibe from him and at that point in my life I was pretty damn intuitive, bordering on psychic. I told BFATT that I though EEBIL was the kind of guy to marry a girl, murder her and try to cover it up for the insurance money. They were married for 6 years and got a divorce about a year and a half ago after two seperations.
EEBIL and I were civil to each other through those years but it was pretty obvious that we disliked each other. He had no reason to dislike me, seriously. I tried to be the nice SIL and I'm a pretty good person. I have witnesses. I detested the way he treated my sister. I always knew why she delt with it and still do but we could never have that conversation. It would be way too hurtful.
Before they were seperated, EEBIL started a new business and really wanted P to work for him. P had been very successful at his current job but really wanted out as he hated the company. During this time it seemed things wer ok between L and EEBIL. So, against my better judgement P went to work with EEBIL. Not long after the offer was extended, L left EEBIL for the last time. There was lots of drama from EEBIL, my sister remained calm and stuck to her guns. P felt like he was helping EEBIL because that is the guy P a fault. L was fine with P working with EEBIL, she still thought EEBIL was a good business person and that it was a good opportunity for P.
Cut to a year later, the business, not doing well, we have used a good deal of savings (ok almost all) to help suplement our income since P works on commission. Time to find another job. P does and EEBIL makes it seem like bygones are bygones. Cut to May 8, 2008. We still have yet to receive P's W2 because EEBIL decided not to pay the employment taxes for the 4th quarter. What does this mean, it means that if he gave P a W2 and the gov't looked into where the taxes actually were, EEBIL would be in a HUGE pile of trouble. So, now we have no regular tax refund, no stimulus check and still no W2. We did file an extension but I want my flippin' money!
EEBIL is a jerk and although I can count how many people I truly hate on one hand, he is in danger of becoming added to that list. Just wanted to close that little circle. I also liked using the EEBIL acronym. I have a really bad pic of him at home that I might just post when I get there. He he he he.

On a positive note...I am making the tyropitas tonight and I'll let you know how they turn out. :) Had to be positive at some point b/c BS5 makes me do it with his cheery outlook.

Tagged, Award and a Teaser

Your mission, should you choose to accept is:

In the tag, you write your memoir in six words or a title or something like that. Mine would be: Control Freaks Must Evetually Let Go.

Thanks to Sue from As Cape Cod Turns for the tag AND my first award (on the left).

I tag:
Chaotic Panthion
The World Through My Eyes

I will tell you more about Mom and her Honduras stuff after I get a good pic on Mother's Day.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mission (Half) Accomplished!

I got the front gardens weeded and raked out. They look much better. I planned on mulching them as well but I ran out of time and instead, planted a few things in the urns by the front door. I have to tackle the side garden but I think I am going to turn it into an herb garden so I need to get some herbs to prepare. It is mostly bulbs in that area anyway that flower in early spring so planting perenials should not be a problem. I also need to seperate them badly.
The back garden is a mess. I really don't think there is much I can do with it anymore but start over. It is really overgrown and there is a creeping weed that literally grows like a foot a night. Maybe Suburbia can come over and lend me her gardening skills.
We went to dinner at P's parents' tonight and his Grandmom is there. She is doing ok but they still have not competely nailed down what the problem is. She is getting better on steroids so we'll keep our fingers crossed that what they assumed was wrong is being taken care of.
I got P in a little trouble tonight but at the same time it was a good thing. We have a little issue with our taxes b/c P's former employer also evil ex-brother in law (was married to my sister, L) has not given P his W-2 causing us to have to file for an extention which stimulus check yet. P has been being non-confontational about it and puts me off when I question him about it. I needed some help to convince P of the seriousness of the situation. So we had a long discussion with his family about it and although I felt a little bad about the 'ganging up' like nature, they gave us some good advice and I think P is finally getting through his head that this business (crap) has gone too far.
I heard from my brother T, finally. He let me know Mom is alive and well in Honduras (forgot to call and tell me) and she had some sort of confrontation with a large scorpion (also forgot to tell me). He forgets also when he is supposed to pick her up at the airport. I know she is coming back on Friday, I am just not sure of the time. I also know that even though she has not bothered to email me, she is coming to her Mothers Day brunch if I have to drag her. :)

Quick Update

1. Have not yet heard from Mom. Not unusual. Sometimes it's hard to get to an area where she can email.
2. G-mom is at IL's as we speak. We will be catching up with her tonight.

I am attempting to get out of here early as it is even more beauitious than it was yesterday and I'd LOVE some time to get at the weeds outside. So I am going to attempt to get actual work done and blog later. Horrors, I know!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Another Fun Post Thanks to Arlenee and Jared

This is fun. I won't make you do it but you'll want to.

1.Your rock star name (first pet, current car): Dog Pilot
2.Gangsta name (favorite ice cream flavor, favorite type of shoe): Pepermint Stick Bare Feet
3.Your Native American name (favorite color, favorite animal): Blue Rabbit (or Blue Bunny)
4.Star Wars name (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 of your first name): Spa Je
5.Your Superhero name (2nd favorite color, favorite drink): (alcoholic)Green Gin, (non alcoholic) Green Coffee
6.NASCAR name (the first names of your grandfathers): George John
7.TV weather anchor name (your 5th grade teacher’s last name, a major city that starts with the same letter): Heim Haverford
8.Spy name (your favorite season/holiday, flower): Autumn Quince
9.Cartoon name: (favorite fruit, article of clothing you’re wearing right now): Banana Scrubs
10.Hippie name (What you ate for breakfast, your favorite tree): Bagel (Japanese) Red Maple

TAG! If You Read This You Gotta Post It On Yours...With Your Answers

Thanks Jared

1) Three days from now will you kiss someone? Yes
2) What color are your eyes? blue.
3) What does your third text say? "Mom, this is my 3rd text and you have not answered me. I assume you got to Honduras ok"
4) And who was it from? Me - it bounced back
5) Do you like what you see in the mirror? Depends on the mirror, bathroom or full length
6) What are you wearing right now? Temple Hospital scrub bottoms and long sleeved tee
7) What are you most looking forward to? Vacation in July
8) Gotta work today? Already did.
9) Have you kissed anyone on the lips within the past 7 hours? Yes
10) Have you ever been awake for 48 hours? Yes. Will not do again.
11) Do you like your first name? No, too common
12) Do you like to cuddle? Sometimes and only if I can determine the length of time.
13)What are you listening to? Kids playing outside.
14) What are your initials?JZKS
15) Baseball or football? Football
16) Married? Yes
17) Favorite kind of blanket? My blankie
18) What's your biggest fear? Spiders
19) How do you feel about chocolate-covered strawberries? It is my feeling that chocolate and fruit should never meet. Seperate at all times.
20) What kind of soap do you use? Philosophy Coconut Frosting
21) Europe or the Caribbean? Caribbean
22) How do you feel about racism? Um, It's bad.
23) Who is the sexiest person alive? maybe the person who conned me into this post... oh wait, he conned me into this post, ;) Daniel Craig when he was in Casino Royale, not the other crap he was in oh!
25) Name a song that reminds you of old memories? Sittin on the Dock of the Bay - Dad painting the porch.
26) Do you like the color gray? Yes, heather gray, charcoal gray...
27)Is there anyone you can't stop thinking about? It changes from time to time.
28) Look outside, how's the weather? Beautious. It is about 7pm and the sun is out and about 65 degrees.
29) Are you jealous of anyone right now? Not right now but probably will be at some point.
30) Did you ever think someone didn't like you, but came to find out they really did? Yes. Ah what could have been.
31) Last time you ate grilled cheese? Last week
32) Name something great that happened today? I remembered to bring home the awesome hummus that my friend brought into work for me. haaaaaaaaaah (breathing garlic hummus breath at at you)
33) Do you regret doing something today? Maybe should have done some filing at work.
34) When you think of the rainbow, what pops in your head? Those rainbow bumper stickers from the 70's.
35) How are you feeling? A little warm and the beer is kicking in.
36) Do you watch the Oscars? Parts
37) Favorite movie? The African Queen
39) Desktop or Laptop?Desktop, occasionally the pilfered laptop from the office.
40) Would you date someone 10 years older than you? Yes
41) What would you do if your significant other wanted to go into the military? Yeah, that's not happening.
Where the fuck is #42?
43) What's your dream car? I really don't have a specific one, an old silver convertable, maybe an MG.
44) Have you lost contact with someone you wish you didn't? Yes.
45) List one fact about you? My right ribcage is just slightly higher than my left. You can't tell but it does a number on underwire bras.
46) Do you think you're old? Not today
47) Are you afraid of the dark? No. I can see in the dark.

Book Rant "What Remains"

I love to read. I am one of those people who will get completely lost in a book for hours, even if it's something I have read before. Old books are like puffy comforters you can wrap yourself in. My favorite book would probably have to be "The Lord of the Rings." I realize that it is a trilogy but, I actually have it in one big book so there.
Anyway, about 5 years ago, I got involved in a bookclub. I mentioned it in an earlier post. This bookclub was about the serious books, the thinking books, ones that could possibly change your life. Some have done just that (Never Let Me Go). Some have been kinda, "eh" (Run Rabbit Run). I just finished the first book that tore me completely in two. It's called "What Remains" by Carole Radizwill. It is a memoir of her life but most of it comes from the time she was married to Anthony Radizwill, cousin to JFK, Jr. Carole also became good friends with Carolyn, John's wife. The book has wonderful qualities to it. The stories are wonderful, the time she describes as child is so vibrant to read. It's when we get into the part about knowing and marrying Anthony and moving into that whole social circle that drops me cold. Through this part of the book, her husband is battling cancer. Even with the love they have, and it does come through on the pages, she still comes off as a name dropper. She also scolds people she refers to as "tragedy whores" who were deeply upset with the deaths of John and Carolyn, were shown on TV etc, crying in front of their apartment. She sees it all as fake and thinks people that ask and talk about "Where were you when the plane went down?" as part of that category. She speaks in the story as if she has a lock on all the grief that was available, that no one else was allowed to be upset about their deaths. It made me angry that she made a big deal about knowing where she was when the Challenger blew up and made her want to be come a journalist but those who might have the same feelings about the Kennedys were somehow below her. After I made this realization, although I cried at the end of the book, I really came to dislike the author. I even looked up other things she wrote and interviews she did because I was really hoping that my initial reaction was wrong, but it wasn't. Every interview, every story about what she wrote, was exactly the same. All the same phrases used, all the same facial expressions. It was like a play.
The only reason I am writing about this today is because I could not get it out of my head so that I could write anything else. I felt like I had to get it out and my bookclub does not meet for another week. Unless I got this out, I would be writing boring posts for the rest of the week. I can't have that now can I?
If you do know this author and hate what I have said, feel free to tell me. It's just my opinion and I am totally willing to say it might be wrong seeing as I don't know her personally. It just really grabbed me the wrong way. I've read other memoirs about famous people that did not come across this way. If this was the only one I had read, I probably would not have felt this strongly.

BTW, I have "Goodreads" as a widget at the bottom of the page if you want to see what else I like to read. It's a great site if your a book freak.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Dinner With the In Laws

So we went to Alba, a wonderful BYO that IL's had not been to yet. Peter and I had been about a year and a half ago.

Oh...BYO...what is that? Well in PA they have an f-ed up system for alcohol purchasing and liquor licenses. As a result many excellent restraunts that cannot get a liquor license (b/c there are a finite amount of them) are able to have a "Bring Your Own Bottle" policy. This is wonderful b/c you are:

1. Not paying the INSANE markup on the wine you like,
2. You can actually bring wine you know, you like.

It's a wonderful arrangement really and there are many good wine stores just across the state lines since the PA ones have once again gone downhill b/c of the state laws. Grrrr.

Anyway, we shared an antipasto platter of crispy mussels, steak tartare on crostini, goat cheese and fava bean bruscetta, grilled shrimp on a small bed of romanesco slaw and salami.

Everyone else had a really good looking steak with gnocci and zucchini. I had the best lamb since P and I were in Greece with leeks and potato puree with romano cheese. It was AMAZING. For dessert I had roasted almond pot de creme. All in all a fabulous meal. Oh! We also had 2 exellent bottles of wine Paraduxx 2002 and Viadare 2002. The IL's a big wine-o's so they broke out some very nice ones for MIL's b-day.

P and I have cut down on our eating out and meals like this make me want to add a 3rd job or sell my organs so we can do it more often.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Quickie

Minds out of gutter now! ;)

This is a quick post b/c I tired from working my 2nd job. The baking went well. I only did the scones though, b/c I ran out of time waiting for the phyllo to deforst. I will do the Tyropitas this week. I was extremely happy with how the cheddar dill scones turned out. Hopefully they freeze as well as the original baker said they do.
I would have gotten it all done but on Saturday, I could not seem to get moving. I felt wiped out for no apparent reason. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. Sometimes, I think my body just puts on the breaks after I haven't allowed myself any relaxation. Later that night we went out to dinner with P's parents for my MIL's b-day. It was WONDERFUL! I may post more on it tomorrow if I have time.

P's Grandmother is in the hospital at the moment. They are not exactly sure what is wrong but it is something in the range of either, mini-stroke, big cell ocuvitis (sp), or migraines. She is 82 and a spitfire. She still works as a waitress once a week for fun. So we're a little on edge. Right now my shoulders are up around my ears and I keep having to remind myself to relax them.

I am going to bed now. Ugh! I just remembered, sheets are in the dryer, I still have to make the bed.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday Morning

1. Walked G-dog: it started to rain. Grrr
2. Checked about 1/2 of blogs.
3. Drinking coffee...very good

Today I will be baking. I am a very good cook, not the best baker. This is why I am doing it today. So that come Mother's Day I am not surprised by my mistakes. Today I will be making

Cheddar Dill Scones
pie crust for quiche (maybe)

Wish me luck.

Oh and BTW. They played Halo until 2am. I actually played a little but in the beginning.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Crackberry Pic

Ok, this one is not from my crackberry b/c the pic I tried to take on the way to work this AM was for crap.

This is a pic of P when we were in Paris. Taken from a very tall metal Paris...famous structure. My friend L (not to be confused with sister L) lives there currently but is moving to the country in the next couple months. Her blog is the fist one on my links list but she has not updated in a while (hint, hint). This was my second trip to France and P's first. Next time we go it will be to the countryside to visit L and T probably bypassing gay Pariee altogether. Why? We are ugly Americans who don't speak French and when you don't speak French in Paris (and even when you try), sometimes (not all the time) they do mean things like send you the VERY VERY long/stupid way to Versailles, knowing there is some sort of rollerblading event on the main road that makes the bus you take after the train you take let you off about 2 or 3 miles from your destination.

BTW, totally not our fault, when we told L what happened she wanted to find the train guy that told to go this way and chew him perfect French. I don't think she got the chance though.

Anyway, tonight P will be holding his Halo meeting tonight so I need to figure something out to do with myself. I may be cooking stuff for Mother's Day for next week. Hopefully the committee that is Halo players will not eat it all.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

First of May

Ahh! I think today means spring to me than any other day. The cherry trees are blowing their pink petals around, the trees are moving into their green stage out of the yellow-green one and the azaleas are beginning to bloom.
Thanks to Snooty Primadonna old memories are resurfacing of the private all girls Catholic school I went to for first through eighth grade. Although it was not a boarding school (it was at one time) it has some very similar traits to the one Snooty talks about, complete with "Motherhouse" attached. (When I told P about the whole Motherhouse thing, he asked me, "Is that kinda like a "Mothership." I actually had a hard time saying no because the more I thought about it, it kinda was a good comparison.) It was and still is a beautiful school. The mental abuse though was very tough on a sensitive young thing such as myself. More on that another time.
What I remember about May was "The May Procession". This was the day we crowned the statue of Mary outside our school with pomp and circumstance. We would all be in our uniforms, no coats, freezing our little butts off while there were readings and songs about Mary, topped of with the actual crowning with a crown made of flowers (they always picked the HUGEST teachers pet in the 8th grade to do the crowning). Then we would walk around the outside of the Motherhouse in perfect formation (the Marine silent drill team would be proud) to the chapel for Mass. I remember looking forward to this day for some reason. I can't for the life of me remember why seeing as how we were usually very cold and the nuns stared at us for any sign of fidgeting or weakness. I'd like to think it was because it was springtime and the whole procession reminded me of that. You could hear the birds in the woods, smell the new woodchips in the recess yard and know that the smell of grass clippings was not far behind. This is what I would concentrate on as I stood there with my classmates in the cold spring morning.
So today, I will celebrate May by remembering that little girl, standing in her navy blue uniform, freezing cold but hopeful for the season to come.