Monday, June 30, 2008

No I am Not...


Darn you Carrie!

Will post anew asap. My work computer is updating and the estimated time is flippin 8 hours.

BTW, my twitter explains the vast amounts of wine consumed this weekend. If I was preggers, I would not be doing this.


BS5 Blogger said...

Hi there!

How are you? Cor, that was a shouty old post!

Are you a bit arrrrgggh! today?


I hate Boyd. said...

'dressed as mariners', lmfao.

Candid Carrie said...

Sorry. I was just trying to prove a theory.

I guess people do read other peoples comments. I had no idea.

I guess I'll be more careful. Or a better liar.

Muffy Willowbrook said...


You best not be preggars!

Ugh...I better not drink your water just to be safe.

gaining some lb's said...

OMg so when are you due????
Dont are preggers arent you?


Böbø said...

Sorry! If you're not pregnant was the answer, what was the question again??

Suburbia said...

I wasn't sure whether to mention it when I read that comment the other day!

Are you sure?!!

Mrs. Parks said...

Carrie SAID!

I already had a blogger name picked out for the baby....
Catchy huh?

Los said...

That reminds me - when we were in Napa last year, I kept asking if anyone knew where the Boone's Farm was.

Queen Mommy said...

Well then, that is good, right?

Sounds like a GRAND weekend!

Lula! said...

You're on Twitter? WHY aren't you following me? WNY aren't I following you?

I'm Lula34, by the way.