Monday, June 23, 2008

Friday Continued...


So FINALLY the day had come where I get to see Sex and the City. I have been waiting to see it with my girlfriends for weeks now. I've been avoiding the reviews, talkshows, conversations, etc. I hit the grocery store and bought kettle corn and M&M's to put in my big bag o' contraband. So, the movie...I loved it. It was every bit of the show and more. It was also the closure I think I needed. I laughed, I cried I had FUN! I haven't had FUN in a movie in years. Here are a few notes:

1. Poor Charlotte, thinking something bad was going to happen to her because it did to Miranda and Carrie. I wanted to hug her.
2. Ok, the bird on Carrie's head for the wedding...we all know THAT is why he didn't get out of the car. It might have pooped on his tux.
3. Miranda and landscaping, spoke VOLUMES about her relationship with Steve (mental note, find good esth...eist..waxer).
4. Did anyone else thing Smith became a tad arrogant? He was still a pretty good guy but he was pretty much taking up all her time and space. He also should have been a lot more sorry about not being home for the sushi thing.
5. Did ANYONE see the Steve thing coming!? BOOM, out of left field. Still love him though.
6. Louise...I LOVED her. She should have been on the show, period.

Anyway, that was my take. I will probably buy it and watch it over and over again much to P's dismay.


KC said...

Im leaving a comment to say that I did come over with the intention to read your blog. Since you said there were spoilers in it, I skipped down the bottom as to not ruin the movie for when I do get around to watching it.

Parker said...

I loved it too. I went to see it twice because I'm silly like that. I loved when Charlotte told Big to back off and when Samantha was spoon feeding Carrie. So tender. I also have not laughed that hard in a long time. Potty humor always gets me and Charlotte's scene was classic. I could watch it again for sure, a few times.

Jen said...

It was a GREAT movie but the best part was the night out with the girls. I really want to go again.

gaining some lb's said...

Wasn't a big fan of the show. But it seems to have a cult following!!!


Shelby said...

OH I loved it too. I sort of wondered what would happen because something "bad" had to happen to everyone (Charlotte's "bad" is thinking something bad will happen). It was sad, but I think that's something (sadly) a lot of couples face. Either way, I'm just like you, I loved it and will watch it bi-weekly. Eek!