Friday, March 28, 2008

David Cope - Must Have Music

Dont walk to your computer and download David Cope's music from iTunes. Dave is from Philly and went to the HS P attended. Dave is extermely talented and we have been following him for years. From his acoustic CD at the Tin Angel to the coffee house on G-town Ave in Chestnut Hill. His my space page the music on it as well. Check it out. I will be heading home tonight to use my last iTunes card to download it tonight.

He's also quite good-looking. Tried to upload a pic but kept getting the evil red x.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Passive Aggressive Murder

Act I
Husband sits at dining table with bills and crap spread out.
Wife: Why are you doing that here? We are about to have dinner.
Husband: Ok, I'll move.

Act II (10 minutes later)
Husband at dining table still messing with papers and such, additional crap also been added.
Wife: I thought you were going to move. You have an office upstairs you know for just this purpose.
Husband: But I just wanted to be around you.
Wife: I call bullshit
Husband: Ok, ok I'll move

Act III (10 minutes even later)
Dining table still has Husband's crap on it. Husband has moved to bottom of stairs in semi-darkness still scratching stuff on paper.
Husband: I am just finishing up what was only going to take me 2 minutes.
Wife: That was 20 minutes ago!
Husband: I would have been done if you'd let me stay at the table.
Wife: So you decided to sit there to spite me?
Husband: I said 'I' would move.

Act IV The Homocide Trial

Friday, March 21, 2008

Testing Mobile Blogging

Not sure if this will work. I am waiting for take out and using my bb to post. If it works, I should never be bored again. Anyway, this place is a byo and so the people waiting are already starting on their wine. Wish they would offer me a glass. Looks mostly like cheap stuff though. Oh well. OMG this girl just asked for ice for her red wine. Ugh! When will people learn? The guy she is with is now pontificating about wineries. Nice.

Kevin's Box of Memories

When I walk G-dog I take in the neighborhood as I go. Although the houses are similar and probably looked cookie-cutter when they were first built in the early 50's through the years people have added porches, additions, garages, etc so that they all have a unique look. I look at landscaping and windows to get ideas or just dream of doing something more with ours.

Today, was trash day. No, I do not pick through the trash but when you are trying to keep G-dog away from something particularly interesting you notice things. Today, I saw a Nike box with "Kevin's Box of Memories" written in Sharpie black. It looked like someone was doing some spring cleaning from the rest of the stuff that was there. The box struck me though as I continued on my walk. What did he have in that box? How long had he been keeping things? Why did he throw the box out? In my mind I really hoped that he found another box, a better one to keep his precious memories in. Maybe he had so many that he needed a larger size. What worried me was, what if that box sitting in the street was full? What if he decided that he was getting older and keeping stuff like that was girly? How sad would that be? I don't know this child but I was really hoping that his parents encouraged the idea of holding on to the things in the box instead of sacrificing it to 'spring cleaning.'

No, I will never know what, if anything was in that box but it made me realize that you should always treasure the memories, physical or otherwise that you have.

Friday, March 14, 2008

See You on the Field

Spring football starts tomorrow and I am SO looking forward to it. I play in a coed league in Philly. It's how I met P and most of my close friends. This will be season number I think 14 for me (fall and spring seasons, do the math). I have gone from the energy of playing on 5 teams each season to 1. That is what getting older does to you. We are the best team in the league. We have won back to back championships and we are fun to hang out and drink with after the games (our league fee includes a case of good beer to our fearless leader). There are teams that we don't like that happen to be in our division this year so there will probably be a good deal of sprots drama. Check out the website for PSSC. I will probably be posting and bitching about games from here thru the end of April.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

All a - Twitter

I added a Twitter to my blog so that if I have something ABSOLUTELY nescessary to blog but don't want to take up a whole post (Like, Damn, flipping old lady perfume in the lobby) I can chuck it up there. I hope this does not mean I will forget to post but we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile back at my desk, it's been a slow day. One of my bosses is near death with some sort of viral plague and the other had to run home because his home alarm was going off. I spent the day updating my databases. Before anyone dies of excitement, understand, this is something I actually enjoy doing. It speaks to my OCD...all those nice neat rows of information that only I can decipher. He he he (evil laugh). This is part of who I am. Now I don't have sock organizers or a color coordinated closet but for some reason, all data needs to be in nice neat rows, same number of digits, same key phrases, etc. I think that this might be an ok control issue to have. It's not hurting anyone (unless they mess with my system), it's self contained and, best of all, backed up. Like if I cleaned the kitchen at home and P wrecked it by say, making a sandwich, I would not be able to type a command and have it magically reorder itself in nanoseconds. I would, however, have to go and 're-order' the CD shelves so P could not find any of his wrist-slitting, whiny music (I can say that, I have depression issues) music.

That would take more than nanoseconds but would at least feel good until I could re-order my kitchen.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shrimp Florentine with Carmelized Garlic

This is my first cooking post.


This was a recipe from Cooking Light although I probably added a little too much butter. :) it was so good though. I wish I could make it again tonight but then I'd get bored with it.

Sometimes, a recipe just comes together even better than expected and that's want happened. It was insanely easy and tasty. The sauce was not thick but reminded me of the creamy Provence broth you get at Monk's with one of their mussel entrees, perfect for that home made bread we had left over from the weekend. The only thing missing a nice crisp white wine. P was going to play hockey later and I didn't want to have to finish the bottle myself (seriously). I made do with a bottle of Stella Artios.

Things I changed:
- added the garlic to the shrimp and sauce before adding to pasta to distribute the flavor
- used a whole 9oz bag of baby spinach instead of frozen
- probably used closer to a Tbsp of butter. I don't think that it made a ton of diffference

Things I'd do differently next time:
- maybe, just maybe try with ff half and half to see if there was a huge diff
- use all larger cloves instead of using the smaller interior cloves (they got too toasty)
- maybe add diced fresh tomatoes (seeded)
- could try with scallops but would probably sear them first instead of saute

Shrimp Florentine with Carmelized Garlic

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Blackberrys are Dangerous

Actual email I sent to my Mom while she is on vacation...

"So Peter and I are totally drunk and I decided to email you to let you know. If we were drink img Carib with you we would probabbly not be so drunk. Byt the way we decieded if we had a child and it was a girl her name would be Vesper.
Love JenSent via BlackBerry by AT&T"

My Mom told me this was the first drunk email/text she'd ever received. Let this be a lesson.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Friday Morning Banter

P: "You look nice today, honey. Like a country singer.

Me: *Blink, Blink*

P: "No, like a sexy country singer."