Monday, April 7, 2008

Starbucks Freak Out

So I am not in the best of moods on Saturday when I head to the SB on City Ave to drown my sorrows in a Peppermint White Mocha. We lost our game because people didn't bother showing up for the game and that JUST PISSES ME OFF. Anyway, point is I am not happy. I go to SB, order my drink and wait FOR-FLIPPIN'-EVER. It's not even busy. Anyway, I get to my car finally and look at my cup because it is not exactly the be PWM I have ever had and check the side for the secret code. There on the side (in addition to the correct secret code) is a little note that says "Smile - Jen". W H A T ! In the first place, I didn't tell anyone my name, in the second place you made me a bad drink, took forever with it and I have a right not to smile today! So I am driving, wondering who the flip I know in that SB. Who knows my name is Jen? I am now moving my drink in circles hoping that all the WM and Peppermint is at the bottom because they didn't stir it. Better but still not good enough for the $. Anyway, I am still contemplating who the hell knows me there when I realize...the person who was at the register's name was probably Jen and she wrote it on there either for me or for the barista (who sucked).

Or...someone knows me there and I don't know them...and they know my drink now. And they suck at making it.

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