Monday, April 14, 2008

I am 35. Why Did I Mix Champagne and Hard Liquor?

I went to college and one of the things you learn there is what and how to drink alcohol. Most of the silly rhymes don't actually work, "Alcohol then beer, in the clear." Whatever. Anyway, I do know that mixing many different types of alcohol is a bad, bad, bad thing. So I am still trying to figure out what posessed me to begin my work "Team Night" out with 2 beers and then Red Bull and Champagne (don't worry, it was not 'good' champagne. I would not pollute good stuff with rocket fuel). What I do know is that by the time the limo arrived on Friday night to take us out for a fun night of good food and drinking, I was irritated with CPA's and clients and waiting around, drinking a lot sounded really, really good. I think that is what caused me to drink so flippin' fast...then mix stuff up. Also, I was not paying for anything so I ordered fun drinks at the martini bar...before dinner and good drinks during dinner. I was told this morning that I did an Irish Car Bomb at a bar I didn't even remember going to. Anyway, I made it home somehow and for my punishment I had the W O R S T hangover I have E V E R had on the nicest spring day we've had yet. That was pretty bad.
What is interesting is, this is not me. I am not usually out of control at all. I have control issues therefore I am usually the one flipping out about if 2 beers will affect my playing skills the next day. So, when I let go...I let goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. This happens maybe once a year since I stopped partying (see: got married five years ago). It takes me a week to get my system back on track: food all tastes weird (and I love my food), my head spazes out in headaches randomly, my stomach feels like a deflated balloon that got beat up in a really bad high school fight. Even knowing all that, I still had:
2 beers
3/4 bottle champs w/ Redbull
1 Dirty Shirley
1 Smarty Pants
3 Sangria type drinks at dinner (maybe more)
1 (at least) Irish Car Bomb

All in the span of probably 4 hours.

Did I learn my lesson this time? Don't quite know. Do I feel like I did? I sure did on Saturday.

Last night I was a little irritated that we had no wine for dinner.


Kathy said...

Oh man! I'm very similar in that after getting married and having kids my toerances it looowwww. If I so much as stay awake past midnight I feel hungover in the morning. I still go out with the girls and have a good time every once in awhile, but if I drink more than three drinks I'll be paying for it in the morning for sure!!!

Hope you've recooperated by now!

JokerOnMars said...

Well I didnt kick him hard. If I did maybe he wouldnt of ran up to me again. (shudder) I hate cats. They are so not...dogs.
And eat them? Gag. I wouldnt even eat chicken.

About the Jen karma thing..that could be true, but not about the cat, about life in general. I know its the Gods paying me back for some lifetime.

JokerOnMars said...

I forgot to add...if you drink something called a smarty pants AND an IrishBomb and top it off with something that "gives you wings", your bound to feel horrible.