Thursday, April 10, 2008

Starting to Get the Hang of Being the One Without Kids

Not sure if I have written about this before. I could just check my meagre posts but since I am at the office and don't have a lot of time I'll say I didn't. P and I don't have kids. We are not even sure we are going to have kids, G-dog is difficult enough. (You mean we have to feed her EVERY day?! joke people!). I think we are at the point where litterally every couple we know (that lives in the continential US) either has kids or is pregnant. This is what I call "The Cheese Stands Alone" complex. You are fine with not having kids at the moment and ok with knowing you never might BUT you are at a considereable disadvantage when EVERYONE else can contribute to a conversation about say, potty training and you are there trying to think of anything that might be kind of relevant.
My old way of dealing with it was when people would talk about things their infants or babies did and I had nothting to say I would jokingly compare it to dealing with my husband on the same subject (like time out or no dessert). It did though, to me, get old after awhile.
Now when people talk about their kids and I compare it to a situation with my dog they look at me like I am insane. No, I don't think my dog is human but she is a responsibility and I do have to go home instead of going to happy hour to let her out and feed her. Jeez!
Now, I just realize I need to go with the flow. Last night I was at my bookclub and while there was a TON of kid talk, there was also other stuff. I felt like I could relate more than I had in the past though. Maybe the fact that kid talk around me all the time now has made me at least understand the language (kinda like being immursed in any culture). Maybe it's because these women are all intellegent and want to talk about more than one topic over dinner but also love their kids and want everyone to know about them (compliment, felt I needed to say that because it read weird). I am not sure. I do know that I am not sure if I have what it takes to have kids and I am really happy to know people that do. Or maybe it's becuase this was part of the conversation:

A: So I got a letter from F's teacher at school. Seems that while F was in the bathroom using the urinal one of the other boys came up and saw his penis and started telling other kids about how big it was. The teacher wrote me this insanely serious letter about it, like he had been abused or something. When you are a kindergarten teacher and you can't laugh at that, it's time to retire.
- as told by a teacher with 2 boys

S1: N needs a change but I don't want to wake him up. Maybe if I had some saran wrap I could just cover his carseat with it and change him when I get home.
S2: I bet the kitchen has saran wrap. That'll work.
-moms with 2 kids.

I love my bookclub...even though they all have kids. ;)


Kathy said...

I think it's fine to be the one without kids. I sometimes envy the freedom my girlfriends have. They can just pick up and go whenever they feel like it! And it's nice because they are always there for me when I need a break! A lot of times my kids are the LAST things I want to talk about. :)

L.R. M-J said...

You know my thoughts on the issue, but remember, once the toddler phase ends, you hear a lot less AND a dog is like a child...add a bird and sheeeyaaaa!!!...and thanks for the shout out 'in the continental U.S.'..ha ha!...just remember what Stuart Smalley said, 'ur good enough, smart enough and doggone it people like you'!!!! Gros Bisous...