Friday, April 18, 2008

Back Pain is Annoying

When I lived in NC for college, I used to go deep sea fishing with my boyfriend at the time and our boss. The last time I went, I injured my neck while we were negotiating pretty deep swells. Ever since then, out of practically nowhere I will once again experience the same pain only more spread out. This is why I have not been posting. The act of sitting at my computer and moving a mouse around was excrutiating, as was the G-dog pulling on her leash when I needed to take her outside. I finally laid flat on the floor and tried to do a few yoga poses to see if I could work it out a little. Seemed to help but I can feel it creeping up from the right center of my back. Ugh.

Boring post I know. Just wanted to post something to avoid letting it go.


JokerOnMars said...

My doctor has me on Meloxicam for my backpain and gout. It doesnt work well so I dont even know why I told you that. He also has me on Flexeril with knocks me on my ass so I dont take that either.
Im picking up a new script for this backpain thing today and if it works, I will let you know. Its a steroid. Maybe I can gain some weight now. lol.
Yes, I am rambling. I hope you feel better though!!

JokerOnMars said...

Flexeril, weird edge? What do you mean? it knocks me out quick and makes me feel like a zombie the entire next day (you know, going through the motions of a normal person, but not quite with it)
I was taking half of one, but that wasnt doing anything.
Im now taking Robaxin. It makes me sleep all night long, but takes awhile to kick in. I havent heard of Skelaxin, or maybe I have in generic form?
Are you feeling any better?