Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Crackberry Pic: G-dog

This is G-dog in the kitchen. She is probably hoping P drops something for her and looking at me the same way I'd look at someone taking a pic of me this early in the morning. Oh, and those are P's his robe.


Los said...

Hey - a "Phellow" Philadelphian (or at least someone who lives near Philly)!

I used to work at a pet shop - we sold lots of puppies, which always made me feel better (I ABSOLUTELY HATED to have those puppies in cages).

Jared said...

hes thinking "another pic for your blog, woman are you KIDDING ME!'

i like the new pic! (of yourself, not g-dog) well, i like his pic too, just not like i like yours.
im shutting up now.