Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pink Flowering Trees

That is what I looked up when trying to find the exact name of these trees. They are some sort of species of cherry tree but in high school we called these "Bitch Trees." It was our mascot if you will to our "Bitch Club" which met under these trees, after school, before play practice began. I do not for the life of me remember why we chose that name. It wasn't even a club really, just our tight knit group of 9 friends.
We all did the play because it meant being able to hang out together during the weekdays after school without parents. Play practice didn't start until 5:30pm so we would maybe do homework, gab about our guy friends (who we secretly or not so secretly want to be our boyfriends) and basically hash out life as teenagers in the Philly burbs. We loved these trees and the blooming pink flowers were a sign of warmer weather and summer. Every year I still call or email my friend A and say "The Bitch trees are blooming!"
I have scads of notes and letters from high school days, folded into footballs and odd squares, passed 'secretly' in the hall or in class referencing these trees. I have been toying with the idea of scanning them and posting one now and again. We cry with laughter when we read them as a group. There are so many silly inside jokes though that I am not sure they would provide that much amusement other than to us. I guess since this is MY blog I can do what I want. Maybe this weekend if the weather turns nasty as it is supposed to, I'll see what I can go about that whole scanning thing.
By the way, if you think I am kidding about obscure inside jokes all I have to say is, there are drawings of flying sock puppets involved and guys named Wanda that are fishes. Stay tuned.


BS5 Blogger said...

Hello there Sacrgosun!

Great post and I think you have just the essence of blogging. It is YOUR space and the fact that people like it is a fine nod to you. Your sock puppet inside jokes would make no more sense to anyone than their own jokes with their school pals! I think you should post them; it would be a right giraffe!

Do you live far now from where you went to school? My entire perception of US Schooling comes from The Wonder Years, Degrassi Junior High and films like The Breakfast Club (TOP movie!)

How was the shift at your 2nd job yesterday, by the way?

Liverpool Chelsea is a right old to and fro' - it's live on the radio as I type.




BS5 Blogger said...


Check it out, I am posting in England after work but Google knows you live in America and tags the post with the time at your house. How cool is that?


Muffy Willowbrook said...

That is so neat you have those trees as a "Memory Keeper". You couldn't have asked for a prettier bloom on those trees!

Looking forward to inside jokes, too!

Queen Mommy said...

I have an entire collect of notes, from 9th grade all the way through to 12th. They are hilarious! And filled with all the drama that one would expect!