Monday, April 21, 2008

The Great Balloon Escape

...or why P was in B I G trouble on Saturday morning.

I had 1 job to do for this shower I was helping to host; get balloons for the front gate of the home where the shower was taking place. I ordered them Friday for 8:45am Saturday. I needed to be at the home at noon to help set things up etc. Considering that the shower was for my boss' wife (also my friend and boss P's best friend for too long to remember) I needed to be on time. Saturday morning was beautiful and I asked P if he would mind picking the balloons up for me so I could take G-dog on a longer than usual walk. He said that he would then started mumbling about maybe going to Lowes too in order to get the rest of the things we needed to finish the closet. He said that it probably wasn't a good idea because he really needed more than one person to help load and on load. So

Me: "Then don't do it now."
P: "But I am going all the way over there. I just need paneling and 2/4's."
Me: "So? It's not like you are going to do anything with the materials this weekend. Wait until tomorrow or next week. Just get some bagels and we'll have them when you get back."
P: Ok.

This is where I should have specifically made sure that he was JUST going to get the balloons and bagels but silly me wanted to get moving. So I take G-dog for about an hour and a half, come home, feed her, start the coffee and take a shower. Now, I was surprised that it was after 10am and P was still not home. It was about a 30 minute round trip but I needed to get ready so I left it at that. Then, 11am rolls around, no P. I call and P who is extremely pissed off and tells me that he DID, in fact, go to Lowes and it was a nightmare and he "Doesn't need this from me right now." and hangs up. Now P is not a hanger-upper, that's me. I found it odd and I am getting pretty angry at this point because he knows that I needed to be at the shower at noon.

11:30, P rolls up and starts chucking stuff out of the back of the SUV, I notice there is no paneling and only 6 balloons. I ask him where the balloons are, "They are gone." He says. Then I notice that there is no paneling on the top of the car. I am too mad at the fact that he made me really late, was selfish and blah, blah, blah to get into what exactly transpired during his excursion but by the time I left....P thought I might be staying at my Mom's the rest of the weekend. It was bad.

Turns out, not only did P wait in line at Lowes for like 30 minutes he also didn't tie the paneling down correctly on top of the car. When he left, at 25mph, it flew up and split in half before he even left the shopping center. He pulls over, throws that stuff off the top of the car (yes, leaving it there) and takes off...forgetting that the sunroof is still open so he can keep an eye on the paneling that is no longer there. Balloons are the sucked out of the sunroof and he managed to save 6.

Later on, when we were at dinner with the baby showeree, she asked P, why she only had 6 balloons. She had wanted more.

He he he. She's a good egg.


Sue said...

OK, so funny. Probably not to your husband, but....oh well!

Where on the Cape do you want to live and do you visit in the summer? I only say summer, because NO ONE visits in the winter! Thanks for stopping by! I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like if you picked them up yourself instead of taking the dog for a long walk it wouldn't have been a problem...

JokerOnMars said... have to tell us men, SPECIFICS. In order specifics is important also.
I guess you couldve stopped by toys r us and got one of those helium tanks and balloon set (runs about 20 bucks, makes about 50 balloons)...or did you not know about that?

JokerOnMars said...

technically i waited for it to rain last week to wash it and it made it dirtier. go figure.