Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Deadliest Book Signing

Yes, I am a geek. No, I am not a redneck. I like Deadliest Catch. It just so happens that Sig, Andy and Jonathan were at a local bookstore for a book signing last night. I went with my Mom, had dinner and then stood at the back of a crowd during a Q&A with the guys. It was fun watching some people become offended at the occasional swearing and off color sexual reference. I just wanted to shake those people and say, "Do you watch the show? These guys do this all the time. They are fishermen. Did you expect them to censor themselves for your bratty kid who is crying because they are hungry?" That last hungry kid pissed me off so I had to mention it. That kid also told his mother to f*ck off so I don't know why she was so worried that these guys were cursing now and again. Anyway, I got my books signed and a pic with the guys. I would have tried something like conversation but there was a bookstore (nazi) employee that was getting all pissy for people taking too long in the signing line. I offered her a Xanax but she just looked at me with contempt. I did better with the other bookstore employee when I got the Flyers score off my crackberry for him and he let me get a better picture.

There were some real winners at this booksigning. I would probably do my karma serious harm if I actually posted the catty comments running through my head last night. Things like:

"Go home and brush your tooth."

"Sweetie, it's 2007 not 1987. Maybe those bangs need to come down and the acid wash needs to just go"

"Should you BE in the women's bathroom?"

"If your kid hits my purse one more time, I am showing him the sexuality section and giving him a picture book called "The Kama Sutra."

There were more but my allergy medicine is making me forget most of them. I'll post the pic of me and the guys when I get a chance to download it off my camera.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like my experience with bingo... and the undesirables of society. I won't be going back. I've seen Deadlist Catch once or twice - looked interesting.

Queen Mommy said...

SHUT UP!!! I have goose bumps! That is SO VERY cool! Where were they?!!!! OMG, now I have to go read!

Sue said...

OMG, so JEALOUS!!!!! I am just catching up from a crazy school vacation week. LOVE, LOVE the Deadliest Catch! My husband is watching it right now because he missed Tuesday night. It is the one show that I think all of Chatham watches! At least all the fishermen and their wives. I puffy heart Phil!