Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is for BS5

Toaster Oven


Suburbia said...

Hi Scargosun
That is so kind of you to go out and buy BS5 a new toaster!! How will you blogit to him?!

Suburbia said...

When you visit your sister you must do Kew too! I can't remember the glass sculptures but I wish I had seen the guy in the tub!!

BS5 Blogger said...

Hee hee - you are a sweetheart, Scargosun! Thank you.

Mind you don't make toast at about 8pm on school nights, the bread might just appear in Suburbia's washing machine. You ask her!

Personally I could have lived without seeing the guy in the tub.
I applied to be Retail Operations Director for Kew last year! (No interview but hey ho).



BS5 Blogger said...


Without being improper or anything other than an English gentleman, I am trying to work out which of us has lived more days. You are Virgo, I am Taurus; we are both 35.

We both were in the same year at school for The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller, Ghostbusters, Reagan and Gorbachev at Summits, and Sign of the Times or Purple Rain going global, but I am not sure of the Astrological run of things.

I think I must be older than you because it is Taurus time now, or jolly soon at least, anyway.

What do you think?

This is the sort of thing the practical Suburbia probably knows off the top of her swede.


scargosun said...

I am smack in the middle of Virgo country which does not come about for another 3 or so months and at that time I will be 36. I think I remember you mentioning you are 35 which you are either estimating or you will be 36 on your b-day. In that case you would be a little bit older than me.

BS5 Blogger said...


Wow, P picked a good day to work from home. Fantastic match!

I am 35 and nudge 36 on May 12th, so a touch older than you - not a surprise given your youthful picture :)

Los said...

I'm buessing the Bs5 toaster pic is some kind of inside joke ... I want one of those toaster oven/microwave oven hybrids ... I tired ordering one from QVC before, and never got it (please, don't buy from QVC).