Sunday, April 27, 2008


So there are three grown men playing Halo 3 in my family room. There are usually four but one had other commitments (a life). They will probably play till 7pm b/c P told me they would be playing only until 6:30pm. The only thing different from them and 12 year-olds is the fact that beer is involved. I have even occasionally had one or two of them stay for dinner. Tonight is not one of those nights because up until about1pm, I thought this was a Halo Free Sunday and I planned dinner for me and P only.

You need to understand, I really don't have much against the whole video game thing. I can actually play although I usually end up being a mark for target practice. It's just this has become an every weekend thing and it takes over the house with all the shooting, grenades and blowing up noises. Our bedroom is right next to the action so that is like vibration central...and not in a good way. I came up to the office intending to make it my own but there is so much crap that needs to be done it's a little overwhelming. So I decided to sit down and blog a bit to kill time...well..I think that's about all I have to say at the moment so I guess I'll clean

the office

and hang pictures

and move stuff around

or maybe just sit here and imagine it.


Anonymous said...

Initiative? What's that?

Kathy said...

Ugh. Nothing like being a prisoner in your own fun!

Tainted Angel said...

My ex was a video game player too. Constantly. He also played D&D, which he got me into for a while. It was actually pretty fun.

Sue said...

You need to plan a girl's thing at the same time, or a facial, or a massage, anything to avoid cleaning an office!

Hope you got your dinner in....

Los said...

I would consider myself a casual video gamer ... right now, I'm playing Super Mario Galaxy for the Wii .... probably on the other side of the spectrum compared to Halo 3.