Thursday, May 29, 2008

Dental Mental

I have decided that I am not allowed to be in public after trips to the dentist. It does something very odd to my brain. I started going to the dentist regularly again about 6 months ago because, well, not becuase I am now a mature adult, but because I actually had a problem that continued to get worse. They found 7 f-ing cavities, including a gaping hole where I cracked a tooth. Six months later I dutifully went for my next cleaning, 3 more. Today I had the new cavities filled. Such fun. I started to notice though, when I get into my office after these visits, I am slightly left of center and having conversations is not a good idea. I am not sure if it's the stress, the vibration in my head from the torture instruments or the mouth being open for so long but I generally lose the ability to act normal. Last week, after my cleaning, a co-worker had to tell me that the answer I gave to a question or joke they said was marginally offensive to him. It was like I meant to say one thing and another came out of my mouth. I explained that I had just come from the dentist and I was 'not right.' He understood having recent, extensive dental work. Today, SAME co-worker, same thing (only he didn't mention it b/c I hightailed it out of the kitchen). I also have been using my hands to gesticulate a lot more. I am not sure if it's because my brain is slower and I feel the need to express my thoughts faster or what. Anyway, after work, I will probably collapse into bed and sleep until tomorrow...which is also odd for me.

I know it's not the novocaine/epi because it's not just when I have something filled. Although the epi does make my heart race and I thought I was having a panic attack because of it when I went the first time. I am beginning to think they pump nitrus into the rooms through the HVAC vents or something and the staff must have developed a tolerance to it by now so that we patients do not become suspicious. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ha! I feel ya. I'm just as whacked. But I normally am... so most people just notice an increase in weirdness. I wrote about a dental experience recently... check it out.

Shelby said...

I hear ya. Dentist + any other activity = bad news.

and I know I've already told you, but I HATE THE DENTIST. Not only does it generally suck, but it makes you feel loopy afterward. Oh my.

AFRo said...

I read the title and thought I'd found a kindred spirit, but alas, I could not finish reading because of the vibrating and torture instruments. It made me queasy.

Check this out and you'll understand: