Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Quickie

Minds out of gutter now! ;)

This is a quick post b/c I tired from working my 2nd job. The baking went well. I only did the scones though, b/c I ran out of time waiting for the phyllo to deforst. I will do the Tyropitas this week. I was extremely happy with how the cheddar dill scones turned out. Hopefully they freeze as well as the original baker said they do.
I would have gotten it all done but on Saturday, I could not seem to get moving. I felt wiped out for no apparent reason. I ended up taking a 2 hour nap. Sometimes, I think my body just puts on the breaks after I haven't allowed myself any relaxation. Later that night we went out to dinner with P's parents for my MIL's b-day. It was WONDERFUL! I may post more on it tomorrow if I have time.

P's Grandmother is in the hospital at the moment. They are not exactly sure what is wrong but it is something in the range of either, mini-stroke, big cell ocuvitis (sp), or migraines. She is 82 and a spitfire. She still works as a waitress once a week for fun. So we're a little on edge. Right now my shoulders are up around my ears and I keep having to remind myself to relax them.

I am going to bed now. Ugh! I just remembered, sheets are in the dryer, I still have to make the bed.


BS5 Blogger said...

That was a funny post ! I hope Granny is okay and I hope you made the bed nicely.

Shelby said...

It always works out the way it's supposed to, so if not Cleveland, than something else.

Funny you should say freshly laundered duvet cover is sitting in a pile on the bed while the duvet is...downstairs somewhere. Boo.

\ˈfi-ləp\ Phillip said...

Hope your Granny feels better

Los said...

Here's to hoping Granny gets better, and soon!

I feel run-down today - probably because I drove down to Baltimore for a few hours, then I dusted, vacuumed, and did laundry, AND washed and waxed our two cars yesterday ... no need for me to spread things out.

Sue said...

Hope your grandmother is feeling better!

I can relate to this post and let out a sigh when I read the last line about your bed being unmade. Dontcha hate that!?