Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday Crackberry: Welcome to My World

This is where I spend 8 hours a day (give or take) 5 days a week. You can see my lunch on the desk, a pic of P and a really nice plaque from the Phila Museum of Art's Degas exibition. I also have a pear paperweight that weighs about 5 lbs. I threaten people with it.

I share this office with A. His desk is to the right. My office door is closest to the lobby so if our receptionist, who is part-time, isn't there I end up signing for everything and letting other advisors know their clients are here (if their clients are a-holes, I make them wait a little longer). I also am the go to person for the copiers, computers, mail machine and pretty much anything else office related. Yes, I am that girl in the office with all the answers. Not sure how I got that way but all day I hear, "Check with Jen, she'll know." and "Jen is the scanner working?" etc.

It's actually a nice place to work and I get along with everyone even if they irritate me. One of the other assistants has a candy drawer we all contribute to. It's just a good thing for me it's on the other side of the office.

Sorry for the boring post but I am actually feeling slightly under the weather (hoping that a few doses of Airborne will take care of it) and there wasn't anything particularly great to take pics of today. I will tell you a very nice thing my in-laws did for me last night. They are traveling to Charleston, SC this week. Last night they called and I answered the phone, FIL, "Guess what I am looking at." Me, laughing a little, "I have no idea." FIL: I am looking at the Cape Fear River and the bridge that goes over it from the Pilothouse [resaurant]. Me: "REALLY!? I didn't know you were going to stop there on your way." FIL: "Yes we decided to do it and stay the night." You see, they decided to stop in Wilmington, NC for the night and that's where I went to college and spent about 7 years of my life. I could tell exactly where he was from where he was standing and told him to look to his left to see my old boathouse. I really loved living there and have not been back since moving back to PA. It was such a nice surprise and gave me some time to think about all the great times I had there.


BS5 Blogger said...

Great Pic', top post and really interesting; I enjoyed it.

I am afraid I can't resist the school boy opportunity to say 'what a lovely pear' hee hee.

And we got to hear about a bridge. Cool. Is SC South Carolina?

Hope you feel better soon - have a great weekend.

BS5 x

Mrs. Romero said...

Cape Fear River? YIKES. But I do love the nostalgia of home. Every summer, we live in the town I grew up in...even the way the air smells is the same.

Los said...

We're going to the Outer Banks later this summer - I absolutely LOVE IT down there!

Carrie said...

I wanted to make a comment about a pair so huge that you have to rest said pair on the desk.

Now, your office looks nothing like your kitchen. Hmm . . .

Cherlyn said...

Yeah I talked to Jared for a bit today and ask why he hadn't been blogging. I'm thinking her staying with him has to do with the b-day party as well. I didn't think to ask.

PETA people scare me too. But hey...he's a damn sexy vegetarian. He's won it before I think.

Mrs. Parks said...

Aahhhhh..... I lived in a boathouse on lake Union in Seattle for a summer. The best.
Thanks for the memory.

About your football team.
Great name!

Since your working on your house and garden, you can make Home Depot friends.
Friday nights spent in the plumbing and pipes aisle. BYOB, mixer and snacks in the vending machine : )

Shelby said...

Not boring at all. Things like this provide the rest of us with insight into what your life is really like. Tomorrow I'll post a pic of my computer desk I think (at home) so everyone can form a better mental picture of me sitting at it.

I was that girl in our office too, it comes with being there awhile, and with having the ball to tear into the copy machine when something isn't going right. It basically just means you kick ass at your job, lol.