Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Is it May or October and Working Tonight UGH!

So rainy and chilly, seeing my breath when I walk the dog. This all reminds me of October, which I like very much but seeing as it is MAY the 40-something degree weather last night and the 50-something today don't really fit.

Anyway, today I have that dreaded chore of the 2nd job after my day job. Do I really need this job to live, no. So why do I subject myself to the $8.30/hr wages? One word, discount. I got this job thinking that we'd be able to furnish the bedroom and some other things but here it is almost 2 years later and no funiture. Don't get me wrong, I have taken as much advantage as possible. Christmas gifts are good there, so are house warming etc. I just don't feel like I can quit without making a big purchase. I know, I am crazy. Somehow the with the seasonal changes and new stuff just sucks me in and I think I can stick it out a little longer. There are things that I like about working there besides the discount. Some of the people are really nice and sometimes the customers can be very appriciative. Then there are those other times when if I have to straghten the flippin frames one more time I may shoot someone or the fact that I HAVE to ask customers for their email address (I've been given a talking to on more than one occasion about my low email captures). I think I need to make a pro and con list of the reasons I continue to be there. The problem is, the discount will always outweigh all the cons in my crazy brain. I might need professional help with this. Is there a 12 step program for retail?


BS5 Blogger said...

Aha - I can help you here as a half decent retailer. I suggest you skip straight to points 10, 11 and 12 of the plan:

10 - Do I like email capture or do I actually resent being intrusive to people? Do I take the 'talking to' about low capture seriously?

11 - Could I still keep in touch with the folks I like from the store if I left?

12 - Would I be happier if I left?

And there it is - you could always try the store you told us about last night; that seemed to really delight you!

I reckon there's no argument here -I'd definitely walk but give them full notice! I wouldn't feel you owe them a big purchase for sure - forget about that! Also leave at Seasonal change over then if you do make a big purchase they will be itching to shift old stock for new and you can get a GREAT bargain. Find out their margins and offer 10% above their cost price. They'll seriously consider it to clear space; they will make money no matter what because their supplier will buy them out and fund them to clear space anyway and you're into a top deal and home free!

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Oh holy shiz, I feel your pain on this one. For years I worked various retail jobs to supplement my full time income and it always was so damn annoying and unfulfilling.

My advice would be to give yourself 3 months (or 6 or 9 - whatevs) and plan for that big purchase. Do it however you can and then get out! The feeling of having your evenings free and not having that monkey on your back is definitely WORTH walking away from a job like that if you don't need it.

Some people THRIVE on retail and don't mind folding the same pair of jeans 167 times in one day. But I am NOT that person.

are you?

Mrs. Romero said...

I love me a discount. Kept me at the Gap longer than is good for any human.

Los said...

I had a friend who worked in Disneyworld for a while, and then would work at Disneyworld 1 day a year in order to get the free pass into the park ... that's a pretty good deal, I guess.

Mrs. Parks said...

I say, find your self a good support group and walk away! Eating peanut butter cups on the couch beats even a GOOD discount any day (if your other job can support your peanut butter cup habbit)

Anonymous said...

Ranking the worst jobs
4 - Garbage man (or woman)
3 - Retail
2 - Sewage cleaning
1 - Fast Food

Snooty Primadona said...

I totally agree with bs5. Besides, you said you took the job to acquire pieces of furniture, which you haven't done. You know you'd be happier or you wouldn't be thinking about it.

But don't listen to me. I lasted approximately 2 and a half months in retail. Not my bag. I worked for a local jeweler who was a friend. The shop also sold Lalique, Baccarat, Waterford, etc. I spent all my money on gifts & never saw a paycheck, which Mr. Snooty can attest to. He finally said he couldn't afford for me to work anymore. Hmmm... maybe that was my plan, lol.

I do have the utmost respect for you about the emails. I hate places that do that. The phone number thing and the zipcode too. It's not my responsibility to help them with marketing. It is intrusive and every bit as bad as telemarketers, just a new, sneaky technique.

Sue said...

I went the retail route in HS and beyond instead of going the rest. route. I couldn't stand the smell of rest. Anyway, the last retail place I worked was Talbots. I did not like the pressure on the floor, because you had to have richy rich clients and keep them in your"book". Then, you had to sell so much a week, yuck. I wound up in the basement being in charge of shipments which I loved. Radio, getting to see all the new stuff first and not dealing with rich, snobby ladies. Ahh, bliss.

I don't think you need to purchase something big before you leave. Just give a few weeks notice. Hey it's almost summer, right?