Thursday, May 8, 2008

Evile Ex Brother In Law

UPDATE: Ha ha! I found it! P is on the left EEBIL on right. I picked this one b/c EEBIL looks really bad and I think P looks pretty darn good. :)

I am suprised that many people were more interested in the scorpion than the EEBIL (Evile Ex Brother In Law). Since I won't post about Mom till at least Sunday, I'll tell you about EEBIL.
I spell 'Evile' with an 'e' because it can still sound like evil but you can also say it like e-vile as in an extra vile creature. I also like italics.
Let it be noted that I never liked EEBIL. On our first meeting we (me, L, my bf at the time (BFATT) and EEBIL) went mountain biking on the trails along the river. My sister was very, very new to the activity. She didn't know how to easily switch through the multitude of gears for different types of environments. Did EEBIL try to help her? No, he zoomed on ahead and I stayed with her, giving her tips on how to handle the mud, slate, stones etc. Oh, it started to rain too. I didn't get a good vibe from him and at that point in my life I was pretty damn intuitive, bordering on psychic. I told BFATT that I though EEBIL was the kind of guy to marry a girl, murder her and try to cover it up for the insurance money. They were married for 6 years and got a divorce about a year and a half ago after two seperations.
EEBIL and I were civil to each other through those years but it was pretty obvious that we disliked each other. He had no reason to dislike me, seriously. I tried to be the nice SIL and I'm a pretty good person. I have witnesses. I detested the way he treated my sister. I always knew why she delt with it and still do but we could never have that conversation. It would be way too hurtful.
Before they were seperated, EEBIL started a new business and really wanted P to work for him. P had been very successful at his current job but really wanted out as he hated the company. During this time it seemed things wer ok between L and EEBIL. So, against my better judgement P went to work with EEBIL. Not long after the offer was extended, L left EEBIL for the last time. There was lots of drama from EEBIL, my sister remained calm and stuck to her guns. P felt like he was helping EEBIL because that is the guy P a fault. L was fine with P working with EEBIL, she still thought EEBIL was a good business person and that it was a good opportunity for P.
Cut to a year later, the business, not doing well, we have used a good deal of savings (ok almost all) to help suplement our income since P works on commission. Time to find another job. P does and EEBIL makes it seem like bygones are bygones. Cut to May 8, 2008. We still have yet to receive P's W2 because EEBIL decided not to pay the employment taxes for the 4th quarter. What does this mean, it means that if he gave P a W2 and the gov't looked into where the taxes actually were, EEBIL would be in a HUGE pile of trouble. So, now we have no regular tax refund, no stimulus check and still no W2. We did file an extension but I want my flippin' money!
EEBIL is a jerk and although I can count how many people I truly hate on one hand, he is in danger of becoming added to that list. Just wanted to close that little circle. I also liked using the EEBIL acronym. I have a really bad pic of him at home that I might just post when I get there. He he he he.

On a positive note...I am making the tyropitas tonight and I'll let you know how they turn out. :) Had to be positive at some point b/c BS5 makes me do it with his cheery outlook.


Anonymous said...

Wow... he is E.V.I.L.!

Here's to hoping you get the W2 soon.

BS5 Blogger said...

Hi Scargosun,

Bless you for that! I liked your acronyms; they were funny and sunny!

I have been thinking awhile about your Tag post and I am about to get to it.

I find a lot of positivity in your posts too: flowers, P, G-Dog, working hard and decently, forgiveness, caring for your friends and loved ones...all very good stuff!

Have a good night and look after America for all your friends in the UK, please.

Capt.Crunch. said...

Well, after you DO your taxes, you can get a stim check within 2 weeks. Or somethin like that. I dont get free money from the government, apparently they think i have enough.

Suburbia said...

This sounds complicated and not very fair! I hope he rots in hell!!!!
How did the cooking go?

Anonymous said...

You know, I neglected to tell you earlier b/c I was in a hurry. Your comments are totally fine. You are brilliant as well. I love checing to see if you have a noew post. I especially love reading about your superpowers.

Thank you SO much! There's so many good vibes going around right now... it's awesome! Thanks for being a "blend" (blogger friend).

Los said...

Wow, what a jerk ... I had an experience like this, on a much more minor scale - I worked at a pet shop in high school, and the owners basically did the same thing EEBIL did ... I think they got into some major trouble over it.

Tiffany said...

Kharma is a BEYOTCH..can't wait to see what she has in mind for EBBIL!

Have you tried contacting the labor board or the IRS directly?

I love how you say he is king of guy who would marry a girl and then murder her for the insurance money... he sounds like a regular Scott Peterson.

Love the blog.

Tiffany said...

Okay, "bog" or "blog", "king" or "kind"... its all the same. Don't believe what they say about USC, its really a crappy education... apparently I was able to get out of there without learning how to spell....

TheLegendOfZen said...

thats the whitest guy ive ever seen.

Tootsie Farklepants said...

Wow is he pasty.

BS5 Blogger said...

He does seem to be a rather white chap, but you get yourself to Scotland. In the far north of Scotland, dudes have to go from blue to white before they can even think about a tan towards brown.

Scargosun, is that your head in the shot just on the far right of the image, wearing shades?

Hey all, iiiiiit's Friday - yippee!

Julie said...

Well maybe he'll get in trouble AND you can get your money!

scargosun said...

BS5 - no that is my sister, L in the pic.

Yes he is a pasty Mofo AND what you can't see is that it looked like he shaved his chest at some point but not close enough to our trip to make it anywhere close to good.