Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

So now I am in the down stage after entertaining. It's when my body goes, "Ok, your done, here's a nice headache and unexplained nausea." The nausea is kind of funny because it used make me wonder if I cooked something wrong. I know now that it's because I work myself into a tizzy to get everything together and PERFECT. Have I mentioned I am a control freak? Anyway, after a nap I feel better and can tell you about our day.

I made the pics small so you may have to click on them to see better.

So, everything went very well and was very much enjoyed by all. I did not take this picture. If I had everyone would be looking at the camera.

From left to right, my Mom (she has the scorpion pic and will be sending it to me for your enjoyment. She got back from Honduras yesterday.), P's G-mom (she waitresses for fun and 'mad money' at 82) and P's Mom (incredible cook and I've learned a lot from her. . She speaks like 4 languages and is leaning more).

I only had one issue and it was that my pie crust fell in the oven while prebaking it. Luckily, I bought a frozen one at TJ's for just this emergency. It was quite good. I patted myself on the back for not freaking out when it happened. I'll still try the crust again but not in a straight sided mold.

These are pinwheels. The only thing left of the pie dough I made. :( When I was little and my Mom would bake a pie we would make pinwheels with the leftover dough. I used to ask her to make pie dough just for pinwheels. Each person had one on their coffee cup plate. Her mother taught her how to do it.

The triangle-like pastries are the tyropitas. They are a Greek pastry made with mostly feta and eggs, folded into phyllo. P's G-mom is Greek 100%, as it his Mom (yes, Peter is usually pasty white b/c he is also German). The other puffed things are something I threw together with the extra filling I had from the tyropitas. It's just puff pastry with tyropita filling.

The plate on the bottom are the cheddar-dill scones. No story here, they are just GOOD, a recipe given to my by a friend who is a fabulous cook. I also had banana bread b/c I didn't have anything for the top tier but you don't really need to see that.

This was an idea I had at the last minute. I didn't want to do anything big food-wise before the brunch but knew I would need a little time to finish up in the kitchen once everyone got there. So I made a toast and jam plate. The little toasts are just very thin white bread cut into small squares and triangles with a little brushed on melted butter, toasted in the oven. Then there is jam.

I don't have pics of the sausages or the quiche as all the pics were taken during the feast (with the exception of the toast and jam) and the quiche went fast as did the fruit salad. We also had fresh squeezed OJ, sparkling lemonade and coffee (could not have make it thru without).

That's about it. I am still tired and the Flyers are on. I am told there has already been a puck to the face and a big fight so I am missing out. Hope you enjoy my little food post.


Tiffany said...

I'm telling my husband that for Mother's Day next year I want to go to your house.

Tainted Angel said...

That food looks goooood!

I'm not expecting anyone but Jared to get the bubble wrap thing. It's a long story. And pretty random. I should get him to write a blg about it. He's a way better storyteller than me anyway. lol

BS5 Blogger said...

Wow - it's America's Nigella Lawson.


What a busy day and interesting post. Does your State have a daughter of the year award? Did you get nominated by the appropriate super delegates (senior Mons across the country !)?

Have a great Monday

Julie said...

That's the problem with mother's day! You spent so much time doing things for other mothers you can't enjoy the say yourself ;o)

Sue said...

Yummy! I am coming to your house next year for mother's day too! Just don't stress out too much about it!

MissKris said...

My mom used to take her extra pie dough and make some kind of cinnamon rolls out of them. I liked them more than the pies! One thing you and I share in common is getting in a tizzy when entertaining. Except, as I've gotten older, I rarely ever entertain anymore. My Dear Hubby has had impossibly early shifts for years and we're usually heading for bed around the time most people are sitting down to dinner, ha! I'm an early, early early bird myself, having adjusted my schedules to his thru the years. And now, being a stay-at-home grandma, I get up at 4:15 before the grandbabies arrive at 6:15. At the age of 54, by the end of my busy days, I'm READY for bed by 7 pm, ha! I used to get horrific migraines, too, but they seemed to disappear in my early 40s. Maybe you'll be lucky and yours will dissipate with age, too. I sympathize! (((HUG)))

Suburbia said...

Hmm the food looks lovely. I started reading this earlier but got disturbed1 I am reading all the posts I've missed in order so I don't miss anything!