Friday, May 9, 2008

Tagged from Across the Ocean

Here's the Tag:
What I would like you to do is post a comment on someone else's Blog today - anyone you like, anywhere on the planet. Make a note of the letters that make up the 'word verification' for your comment. Now write down a few words yourself on your Blog - the words starting with each verification letter you had to type in. So if you typed in 'kjdffs' to verify your comment, the first word of your little list would start K, the second J, the third D and so on. Each word has to reflect something cool or important to you and your take on life! No cheating! Also tell us where you commented to get your letters!

Commented on Alaina's World and got vxobwc for word verification.

V - vexed...about many things at one time or another
X - xenon...headlights - they blind me at night if they are adjusted incorrectly on someone's car
O - oreos...had them in my Coldstone Creamery ice cream this week.
B -books...I hoard them
W -wine...I puffy heart it
C -'s probably what I do best

I now tag: Tiffany, Los and Phil

I will post my Crackberry pic soon.


Anonymous said...

Like the list!

PS... love the picture of the EEBIL... or rather hate it... well, you know what I mean.

Hubby is looking good!

Los said...

Hey Scargosun - I will post this on my blog (thanks for tagging!). I probably won't get to it until further along in the weekend - Wow - you had an X? I'm not sure I could come up with anything for X - maybe xylophone or Xanadu (but I'm not a fan of that Olivia Newton John song).

BS5 Blogger said...

Hiya! Are Oreos biscuits or breakfast cereal? I think they are being launched here this summer as I recall seeing a headline about it in the newspaper.