Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Crackberry Pic

Ok, this one is not from my crackberry b/c the pic I tried to take on the way to work this AM was for crap.

This is a pic of P when we were in Paris. Taken from a very tall metal Paris...famous structure. My friend L (not to be confused with sister L) lives there currently but is moving to the country in the next couple months. Her blog is the fist one on my links list but she has not updated in a while (hint, hint). This was my second trip to France and P's first. Next time we go it will be to the countryside to visit L and T probably bypassing gay Pariee altogether. Why? We are ugly Americans who don't speak French and when you don't speak French in Paris (and even when you try), sometimes (not all the time) they do mean things like send you the VERY VERY long/stupid way to Versailles, knowing there is some sort of rollerblading event on the main road that makes the bus you take after the train you take let you off about 2 or 3 miles from your destination.

BTW, totally not our fault, when we told L what happened she wanted to find the train guy that told to go this way and chew him perfect French. I don't think she got the chance though.

Anyway, tonight P will be holding his Halo meeting tonight so I need to figure something out to do with myself. I may be cooking stuff for Mother's Day for next week. Hopefully the committee that is Halo players will not eat it all.


Suburbia said...

Hi Scargosun, I can't get your pics to load but I am imagining Paris!! I just hate the way the french do that thing,(even when you can speak french badly!) it's so much nicer to go somewhere were people want to be more accommodating!

Shelby said...

I would switch, except that other than this fiasco, I really love Verizon! Ever since I called to activate a new phone on Christmas Eve a couple years ago and a real person answered the phone, I've been hooked. I always get good phone service and good customer service...and they've really been quite polite thus far, it's just a stupid situation.

I LOVE CSI. Love it. Although, is it just me or have they sort have gotten lazy? I thought last night's episode was sort of...anticlimactic, you know? Bah.

Love Paris, and the Eiffel Tower, and when I was there, we were on a giant touring bus of tourists, so we didn't have to ask anyone for help, but they were always annoyed when we ordered food at restaurants and stuff. Great city though.

Anonymous said...

I'm going to get to Paris one of these days. Ireland and Scotland come first though. Already did London and that area.

Sue said...

After we meet this summer and become bestest friends, I will go to Paris with you and fight off the meanies. I love it there! And I have a book of french swears and slang. Very helpful!

Sue said...

I can see the pictures now! Yay!

Tainted Angel said...

Yay Twitter! You are being followed! lol