Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday High School Flashback

This note has so many 1989 references for me. I was a sophomore and the last couple months had been a tad crazy for me. A guy that I was dating that was a senior dumped me THE DAY I GOT MY PROM DRESS for HIS prom (yeah, you know who you are). Another guy asked me from our group of friends but I didn't know he had a girlfriend that didn't go to our school AND NO ONE TOLD ME. I went to the prom and it was kind of awkward later and is addressed in the letter but all was well the following year.

Anyway, this is from my good friend Angela who never missed an episode of "Yo, MTV Raps" when it was amusing in the late eighties and oddly also LOVED (ok still loves) The Cure.

Once again, a last name has been erased in one of the PS's to protect the far from innocent. Click on the pic to read.


Muffy Willowbrook said...

I love that you still keep notes from high school! That is the best! I totally love going through old stuff like that.


Los said...

Really?!?!? The guy broke up with you the day you got your dress? Oh, I'd be pissed.

paige said...

Funniest thing: "I put the E in by accident."