Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Deadliest Catch: Sea Tested

Yay! The boys are back for my fave Tuesday night show. I am wondering every show how much longer we will get to see Phil and it makes me sad. I try to stuff that down with hating Keith. I am ready for his whiny ass this week though. Nothing will surprise me.

We open with a weather report 3 weeks into the King Crab season. Not a good report at all. Two storms on the way with rain, snow and winds 30-40 knots. I was not crazy about the mist I had to deal with while walking the dogs this morning so I understand how they guys must feel.

Edgar and Sig are still battling it out but in a more passive aggressive manner. Sig even says he doesn't care who wins, it's filling the tanks that matters. He is also worried about the weather and the tide. It's kind of a mess. Hey! It's Jake H's 24th b-day! I am thinking that some ass kicking is coming his way. Sig put Jake H. on the rail. Looks like he'll be heading back to the CM in a couple days though.

The newbie Kodiak is up next. I am thinking I am not crazy about his guy after last week. He is friends with the Hilstrands, so maybe there is something good to him but...my initial feeling is no. I mean he hired Russ Newbery for cripes sake. Looks like he finally landed on the crab though after Jonathan gave him insight into their honey hole. He definitely mellows out when his pots are full. I am thinking bipolar. When Bill calls the Hilstrands to let them know he hit big and to thank Johnathan, Bill then lets the Hilstrands know that he hired Russ ("pick up something you left on the the dock"). The bros act fine about it over the radio but laugh about it afterwards. Andy seems to think Bill is inviting a ton of trouble. I was not aware of how much he really disliked Russ. Interesting.

Next up Time Bandit. They are hitting the weather but need to grid through this strand and get the heck out of there. The water from the waves is coming down like heavy rain. They are hitting huge numbers. BUT, they are hitting tons of jellyfish too. ick. I really would like to see the guys start peeing on each other, a la Friends...ok, not really but still funny. They ridicule one of the deck hands for wearing goggles to keep the jelly fish stinging cells out of his eyes. I am sorry. I know it is a tough guy game but I think they are just jealous that this guy will be able to see later when they are done hauling.

Kodiak AGAIN. Boring talk about the weather. Uh oh. Running low on bait. Bill said to bait them heavy and now he is paying for it. Dead in the water according to Mike. Ok, this guy is an amateur. Seriously, bait heavy all the way out there when you have a deadline 5 days out? WTF? Is he going to ask Johnathan for bait as well as his prime spot? Booo!

On the Northwestern Jake H talks to Dad and bro Josh for his B-day. He talks about how the CM is an easier boat to work. Also, his bro misses him and makes him think about their relationship. Meanwhile, Jake H is making breakfast for the NW crew in rolling seas and with Edgar critiquing his cooking...and pranking him by turning off the power. he he he He is breaking things and his scrambled eggs end up on the floor after a big roll. Edgar takes pity and turns back on the power in time for the crew to come in. After they are done, Jake H fesses up that he kinda spit a little tobacco juice "just on the cutting board." BWAHHAAHHH!

yay! Phil and the CM. I want to know how Jake A gets coke on the boat. He always looks like he is totally tweaking out. boo! The first pot is about a zero. Not looking good. Many, the next is no better. I HATE this. I want Phil's last season to be a good one. Looks like the spot that was good a few days ago ended up barren quickly.

Ah! It's my fave whiner. The Wizard is hauling big numbers on this string finally. One thing I do like about the gus on the deck is the talk over the crab table. They are really running low on bait. They need to recycle the bait and I have a feeling that if Keith finds out...there will be whining.

Back to the Wizard after the break. I think this means that Keith is about to find out about the bait situation. Totally out of cod. IF the pots are full, Keith does not have to know but if they are not....AND...that pots are big ole zilches. ooooo not looking good. Dun dun dun. He is getting it...He just said 'cod crisis'. He is going on deck to yell. He told them to 'bait heavy' when you bait heavy you are going to run out of bait moron. Then he goes off on his brother for 'mouthing off'. This guys really needs to be taken down SOOOO many more notches than Jonathan did in week one. He just pisses me off.

CM is hitting untested grounds. It's dark and a LONG beep tells me Phil is spitting out the expletives in a long line. But...the pots look ok! They are starting to increase in numbers. Jake A requests a hook throw from Freddy. He gets it on his first throw. Phil, being the wise guy he is, hits the nail on the head, Jake tries REALLY hard to be one of the guys, one of the crab fishermen. Phil says she doesn't blame him but I think he gets it. Jake continues to do well but does end up missing one. Phil encourages him to go back to the rail and continue. he again does really well. They guys congratulate his good work. I think this time on the CM was good for Jake A. He obviously is a soft hearted guy and the guys on the CM are just as apt to prank you but I think they did Jake A some good. The Norwegians on the Northwestern are colder it seems, even with Edgar showing a soft side when it comes to his wife and kids. I think Jake A needed some building up. Phil is looking forward to getting HIS Jake back though and talks about how much he likes having his kids with him on the boat. Seriously, I am tearing up a little.

Back on the CM and Northwestern they are planning on trading the Jakes back. They are talking about throwing them in the water in survival suits to pick them up. The CM guys talk about how Jake A did a really good job. Jake A said he feels like a deckhand as opposed to a slave on the Northwestern. Jake H thinks about why he was sent to the NW as he runs the boat on wheel duty. He thinks that his dad sent him to the NW to make him a better leader. He also knows how good he has it on the CM and that he was pretty cocky. Jake A really liked his time on the CM. The guys made him feel like part of the team instead of the outsider that he is treated as on the Northwestern. He feels like all they do on the Northwestern is kick him when he is down. If I didn't agree I might think he was whining and call him on it but he really did seem to blossom (sorry about the term but it fits) on the CM.

In summary, I am not sure exactly why Keith has not gotten it through his thick head why his crew does not want to communicate with him. He is an idiot. He told them to bait heavily, he had to know they would run out. I am not sure where he gets off treating his brother the way he does. I know he's the captain but Monty has been fishing just as long. Again, idiot. I thought that the Jakes were going to switch but I guess we'll have to wait for next week. I worry that since Jake A saw that not all boats are like the Northwestern in that they don't all 'kick the dead dog' that he might change his mind about fishing and or the boat he is on. Kodiak, still not sure about that guy.


Diane said...

I like the Kodiak. Bill will dump Russ when he figures out the guy doesn't want to work.
Keith is just a hot head. I may revise that after seeing him at Catch Con Saturday. I wonder if he and Capt Jonathon have made up yet?

scargosun said...

oooo! I wanna hear about that. I just have grown to dislike Keith over the years and it's all small things but character like things that bother me.

paige said...

I used to watch this show. Now I hardly watch anything.