Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Deadliest Catch Recap - Season Premiere

I am a huge fan of this show. I have been watching it from the beginning so this post might just really be for me. If you like the show. Good! If not, I'll be back tomorrow with something else.

I am finally getting a chance to watch the first episode of the season. It will be bittersweet as I was very upset when Phil Harris passed. He was my favorite and always will be. They show a good deal of him in the intro and I am glad because I miss him and they got some great shots.

We open with Jake and Josh Harris going at it. I love these brothers. They fight like cats and dogs but they are family and you can see it. Josh, though, was talking about the possibility of switching boats because he couldn't stand working with his younger brother. Cut to the Northwestern where Jake (jeez, two Jakes, um, this is Jake A.) is asking about running the boat. Sig seems to think he is getting a bit ahead of himself.

Keith on the Wizard is puffed up and mugging for the camera. It is SOOOOO obvious. He is making fun of the new greenhorn asking how long his rap sheet is and says he looks like he just came out of the joint. Jackass. It is funny because Keith asks another crew member how many greenhorns they've gone through. He wonders why...Really?

On the Time Bandit Jonathan and Andy ask crew member Eddie what Keith was talking him up at the bar about. Eddy reveals that Keith asked if he wanted to work on a real boat. Needless to say Jonathan is pissed and is itching for a fight. Looks like he'll get his chance at the Captains get together in the old skeleton of a ship on the beach.

At the meeting, all are present except Jonathan who is in his truck on the way. When he arrives, he doesn't waste much time getting into it with Keith who of course denies trying to steal Jonathan's crew members. Now, I dislike Keith. He is a baby and he is a backstabber. I have seeing it over the years. BUT, Jonathan dealt a low blow when he said something about "killing your brother" which basically references something that happened last season when Monty, Keith's brother, got very badly hurt. There was a push ended up with Keith on his ass. In my opinion, where he belonged just because he is Keith. Keith jumps up and starts calling Jonathan "Suckerpunch" Hilstrand. Too freaking hilarious. He was like a little girl. Jonathan didn't even hit him. Someone call the whaaambulance. The rest of the captains actually look a little startled at the altercation. I have to say, I wonder if is was slightly contrived. It might have been but I kind of don't care, again, I don't like Keith.

Back at the docks, Sig and Phil are chatting about the two Jakes. They are cooking something up, it's obvious. What you find out it's that THEY ARE TRADING JAKES! Whaaaa?

Cut to Keith whining about last night. Keith kind of eludes that maybe he DID talk to Eddie and "offer advice" but no code was broken. Hmmmm.... He also says "I was attacked physically and I was man enough not to do anything." Um, yeah Keith, you were ON YOUR ASS and Phil stepped between you and Jonathan. What an ass.

Next day, boats pull out and begin the season. Keith pontificating. SHUT UP! Oh he is going to annoy me this year to no end.

On the Northwestern, Jake H is signing paperwork and being told to forget everything he has ever learned. Then he is forced to do the biting the head of the herring for a good season. Jake H seems to be doing well till he gets hit with a door but he's ok.

On the Cornelia Marie Jake A is stuck baiting. It seems a little more relaxed on the CM side for Jake A and he seems to be getting along with people well. His puppy dog "please like me" 'tude might become a problem when the crew gets tired.

After the break, we see the Wild Card of the season, Wild Bill of the Kodiak. He's got the distinct pleasure of having ex Time Bandit and ex Wizard crewman, Russ Newberry. The reason that he got kicked off the Wizard, he is like Keith. Another annoying man. Bill seems like an interesting guy. Right off the bat though, you see that the combo of vets and greenhorns on his boat could be a problem as a pot comes off the hook and would have killed someone had they been a little closer to the rail.

CM starts hauling prospect pots. The first few are not so hot then they get into it which is good for Phil. Everyone is happy. Then Jake A falls into a crab tank. he he.

Phil, Jonathan, Andy and Sig comment on the perfect weather and in captain style the immediately are worried that they will pay for it. Jonathan calls the Bering Sea Lake Titticaca and Andy says that if this is global warming he likes it. Now whether it is editing or it really happened this way but the Coast Guard sends out a PON PON for the Carly Renee, a vessel taking on water. The vessel Guardian is able to respond and someone on the boat with a camera phone records what happens. All four crewmen are rescued. This is the first time we have seen a happy ending in a boat sinking on this show and it made me happy to see how the fishermen look after each other. The crew members of the Guardian and the Carly Renee talk about just that. Then it cuts to them looking at the sunken boat and you can see that they are holding back tears.

Good start to the season. In summary, a Jake swap, Keith is a girl and I miss Phil.

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