Thursday, April 8, 2010

So This is How It Happened

I was an avid blogger for a year. Somehow after 2008, I fell out of it and I still cannot put my finger on how. I started up again last year but fell out again. I went back through my posts and tried to figure out why. I came up with two reasons.

1. My steel trap mind is starting wear
2. I'm boring

So both those things are not the type of things I want to keep me from doing anything, let alone blogging so in order to fix one I need to fix the other.

I wasn't always boring and I used to be able to remember anything anyone said or did at the drop of a hat. I still retain my incredible skills at being able to identify little known actors and what they have done but remembering, "I need to blog about this." seems to slip out of my head all the time. So, in order to make my life more memorable. I am going to make a list of things that I want to do. It's not a bucket list or anything. It's more like, I want to learn how to make bookshelves from Knock Off Wood (seriously, run, do not walk to her site if you are not familiar and cannot get your better half to help you with projects) or I finally want to finish that quilt I started like 2 years ago. Stuff like that. Maybe I'll add in some life changing stuff but I like the idea of small stuff that I can keep up with while juggling two jobs, a husband in sales, two rambunctious doggies and not adding back the 40 pounds I managed to lose.

This will be my place to keep up. Once a week I will report on my progress. Since Kat probably still does Writers Workshop on days like today, I'll pick a different day or maybe I'll just do it when I can. Who knows, it's a new thing and I still need to make my list.


Marilyn said...

Thank Gawd.
Please update the Island list as soon as possible.
Off to read a wood blog.

Suburbia said...

Welcome back, good to see you at mine today :)

erica said...

Writing Workshops like Kat's are the best because they force you to get creative and can add some freshness to writing... Love it.

Welcome back!