Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Re Cap Deadliest Catch - Breakin' Em In

Looks like this week the arguing between family members might be a point. At least that is what the intro said. The weather looks like it is about to turn as well.

We start out with the Cornelia Marie grinding it out. It's not looking good at the moment and we are reminded that Phil has been out of the game for 22 months because of the blood clot he had. So, we move to Freddie the Samoan deck hand eating some raw fish to appease the crab gods. He then convinces Jake A, the puppy dog, to do the same. I think he'd jump overboard if someone told him to. The offering seems to help though and the crab starts rolling in and we are treated to Freddy drinking the blood of cod as a thank you to the gods.

Next up, the Wizard. Looks like they are getting ready to haul. The Greenhorn is in a good deal of pain from the muscles in his hands. The guys are giving him really hard time. "Consistently full is what we are looking for, but consistency will do." is what Keith says. What the hell does that mean? You can have one crab a pot and that's ok? Fortunately, Keith starts to haul good pots but that means the greenhorn has to move quick to get the bait done. He is getting a lot of crap from the crew. Keith pontificates that if you are the greenhorn you have to suck it up. If you can't move your fingers I think maybe there is a problem. Do these guys remember what their first season was at all?

CM starts out and they are hauling 60 averages. Pretty good but then need 30K lbs more. They get it and head to St Paul to offload the first run.

Time Bandit is in the storm. They are about to test a hunch. A spot that they have hit 2 years in a row. They are pushing it with a third. Hopefully Karma will not bite him now for the Kieth thing from the first episode. The first pot is all but empty, second as well. Not looking good. Jonathan does not seem too upset. He says its part of the job. Commercial.

Time Bandit continuing to haul blank pots but spot finally what they are looking for scallops in the pots, crab food! The next pot is full. They hit the area and are hauling in the crab.

Next up, Kodiak is ready to start hauling in pots. Bill hasn't pulled pots in 5 years. Russ talks about playing the game. They haul up a pot of crab but they are all females and small. This trend continues and he is not happy with the pace of the deck hands. It's hard to tell if they really are slow of he is just pissed off. A second knot comes untied and a pot falls again, just like last week. Someone is going to die on this boat. Not a great start to the season.

We come back to the Northwestern. Jake H is going to be on the rail. Here comes the first The storm is hitting them now and they continue to haul in 40 knot winds. Sig takes Jake off the rail and doesn't like being treated like someone's kid rather than just a deckhand. Sig and Edgar start getting into it. Edgar is complaining that Sig needs to stop crossing into his territory, the deck. Sig is pissed and acting like a child. That is pretty much par for the course. He is a control freak but I can appreciate that because I am one as well.

Time Bandit is on the crab and putting all his pots on the scallop beds. Andy heads down to help with all the crab in the high seas. Waves are crashing over the sides and there is lots of creaking and Andy gets swept across the deck. He is ok but it was a really close call.

Northwestern. Sig and Edgar are still battling. Sig is still arguing over this trivial thing and picking at it and complaining that Edgar needs to be in the wheel house understanding what is going on up there. He doesn't want to. He feels like he is getting to the end of it. Sig accuses him of being miserable and infecting the crew. It seems that Sig doesn't even realize that Edgar is ready to walk away. Edgar at the end holds up pics of his family saying "This is what is important, this, this and this. Not a crab pot." as he points to his pictures. I think I am in love with Edgar.

I think we are ending with the Kodiak tonight. They had a horrible start and are looking for anything at this point. Bill calls into Jonathan on the Time Bandit for some help. It sounds like Jonathan lets him in on his area a bit but hopefully it will pay off. Problem is, they are running very low on bait. Now, they need to set cod pots to replenish their bait. Bill seems to be really pissed off at the point. One of the deck hands is trying to explain why the cod pots were not ready. It seems to me the deckhand was right but Bill went off anyway seeming to cover his mistake with more yelling. The deckhand seems to cower under the captain and that is really odd. I mean he didn't even really stand up to the captain. Stupid Russ Newberry takes the captains side and makes a remark about if it was the 1700's someone would be getting keelhauled. SHUT UP RUSS!

In summary, looks like we are into the season. The Hansons on the Northwestern are having brother issues and are not communicating. Wild Bill on the Kodiak is no longer ok in my book. I think he needs some Xanax. Keith pontificates again and it annoys me. See you next week!


Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

My fiance LOVES this show! I, however, have never really gotten into it.

I think I might have to start! : )

Nina said...

My husband and I were just fighting over the control of the remote last night. Me wanting to watch Lost and him Deadliest Catch. I wouldn't even let him flip during commercials. I am so mean....

Sue said...

Keith annoys me too. The whole Edgar/Sig thing was sort of interesting. The waves breaking over the Time Bandit were crazy!!!
Poor Phil. :(

scargosun said...

Sue: I know! I have always liked Edgar and he looked so sad. :(

honkeie2 said...

I watched that show when it first came out and loved it. But I just dont have the time to watch it anymore. I might have to record it and watch it season!