Thursday, April 29, 2010

Writers Workshop Thursday - Foot IN Mouth Disease

Honestly, this does not happen that often. I think way too much about what I say. I carefully avoid topics that might offend someone just in case they have a crazy relative or some horrible traumatic episode in their past that might be dredged up because I mention one thing or another.

BUT about once a year, I do say something that makes me wonder if an alien has taken over my body. Something interesting, I am never partaking of adult beverages so I don't have an excuse other than "Sofia from the Golden Girls Disease". Remember that she would just say whatever, whenever? It's like that but it last for 2 seconds and I am left wide-eyed wondering what hell just happened.

So, when I first moved back to PA I was actually seeing someone. It was a guy my brother introduced me to that was a volunteer fireman. He was a really nice guy and he helped move me from NC to PA (NOTE: I had already decided to move back BEFORE I met this guy). Anyway, my brother had a party at my Mom's house and this guy was there and a friend of his. His friend was a really nice guy too (and he was a K9 cop which is just too cool). So this guys was lamenting about how he could not find the right girl and so the guys were giving him advice and I had a Golden Girl moment...

'We'll just get you some spray on hair and you'll be good to go."

*crickets chirping...loudly*

I seriously don't know what happened right after that but I do know that I was STUNNED at what I had just said. I have NO CLUE to this day why I said it. Was he loosing his hair, yes. He was a REALLY good looking guy though which totally would have overshadowed that feature. Needless to say, that guy and I stopped seeing each other. No break up really, just stopped on account of me being A TOTAL LUNATIC.


Stef said...

Oh man! That is funny!! Seriously. Haha. Thanks for the laugh. Just flying by from Writer;s Workshop!!

Mama the Chef said...

Wow, total open mouth insert foot moment for sure!

Stopping by from Mama Kat's

paige said...

Laughing out loud. That's the funniest thing I've read all day. Good to go.

Los said...

Are you sure you didn't have any alcohol that night? Man, that was harsh!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh my gracious I am totally cracking up! I do stuff like that too.

Open mouth, insert foot.