Friday, April 9, 2010

Misdirected and Unrequited Love

So I am leaving the mall yesterday and as I am pulling out onto the turnpike, I notice there is a note on my windshield. I had not been in the mall more than an hour and I know it wasn't there when I left the parking garage at work. I was going to leave it there until I got off at my exit but I started thinking about what it could possibly be. I could tell that it was a lengthy note on small paper. I didn't remember seeing any damage to my car when I got in so I didn't think it was an "I hit your car" note. I was actually trying to read it, while folded up under my wiperblade. I am not sure which is more dangerous, that or texting while driving.

Curiosity got the better of me and I pulled over to remove it from the windshield. It was starting to flap a bit anyway. So it turns out it was a note from a girl named Melissa to a guy named Kevin. I guess Kevin has a beanie baby on his console too. Anyway, it was an 'I want you back' type note. What is crazy is how much I learned from these people on 3 sheets of 4x6 paper.

It seems that they were an on again off again couple and she broke it off the most recent time. They have a child together and were living together as well. There was a 'You complete me' line in there that made me about retch on my dash as I was driving. Supposedly he is now in love with someone else but this girl Melissa wants Kevin back. She is really hurt that he could find someone else and fall in love so quickly. I surmised at this point that they must be kinda young/immature because of the line and the falling in love so fast stuff. Anyway, in an interesting turn of events at the end of the note she tells him to STAY CLEAN for his daughter. So now we have addition thrown into the mix.

I feel pretty bad about having this note because she clearly is looking for some type of answer from this guy but she picked the wrong car on which to place her note. I put myself in her shoes and thought about what would happen if that was me and I was waiting for some answer from the man I loved, the father of my child. (It was hard to do this b/c I would have been SO much smarter about it. I'd have actually looked at the stuff in the car and the license plate, etc to make sure it was his car.) I am guessing that she is going to be pretty hurt and angry when she doesn't hear anything. I mean they DO have a kid in common. It's not like the note is not going to come up and she'll just assume he is blowing her off. She'll confront him and he'll not know what she is talking about and think she is crazy and she'll think he's lying to avoid the subject. The scenario I have in my head is not good and it kinda makes me sad.

The note is still in my car. I thought about taking it back to the mall and leaving it close to where my car was but then I realized something. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe he was not meant to get that note and the next thing that happens IS the right thing. Maybe she lets it go and he stays happy in love with someone else and that is the best thing. If I interfered, I might screw things up. Maybe this way is better for the kid and she'll grow up stronger and happier not having her parents constantly breaking up and getting back together. It might make her relationships stronger. Or what if she is so mad that she decides to do something to his/my car when she sees it at the mall again.

Or I could just be over thinking this SO badly that I will have bad dreams about it. Now that would suck.


Nina said...

It has been forever since I have been on your blog. I don't blog nearly as much as I use to.

Wow, I would go crazy having that note and knowing that he is not getting it. I would have to say, you are right and things happen for a reason so maybe it really was meant to be.

As for our tree, we did nothing special. Stuck it in the ground, tied it to a stake and watered it. We did have two others die but they were also different types of trees. Maybe fruit trees grow easier. This is a very pretty tree and the plumbs are so small that it isn't like an apple tree that leaves a big mess all over the ground. Good luck finding a tree you are looking for.

Aging Mommy said...

Happy SITS Saturday - stopping by to say hello. What an interesting post and story and I love the way in which you thought through how this had happened and what it all perhaps meant. That things happen for a reason.

So glad I stopped by

Los said...

I got a note mailed to me similar to this ... no return address though ... I hate that ... I really do ... I feel like I should do something about it, but I have nowhere to go with it.

Marilyn said...

Crazy! There is a twisted part of me that wants to write some kind of crazy letter to someone I don't know and leave it on someones car now.
Is that a bad thing?