Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My Island: Standby Passenger Off to the Island

If you are new to my blog you can catch up on My Island here. If you want to read more about it, click on the "My Island" label at the end of the post.

This is how the Stand-by/Inhabitants list stands:


Jamie Lynn Spears

Elizabeth Hasselbeck

On the island:

Ann Coulter

Rick Santorum (escaped and captured)

Brittany Spears

Amy Winehouse

Lindsay Lohan

First lets start off with a removal from Stand-by. Jamie Lynn has managed to stay out of my face for awhile now. If she remains quiet and non-stupid, she can live her life among the general population. I don't see her as a threat to young girls at the moment. If she starts throwing herself and her child into the media, then we'll revisit her. Use your time wisely little girl.

Update on escapee Rick Santorum: Rick managed to somehow squeeze himself into an empty crate that was picked up via helicopter (no one who is not sent to the island has to lay foot on it) after one of the food drops and escape. There had been a secret message encoded in a letter that was supposedly from his wife but was actually from Rupret Murdoch asking Rick to be on a panel of politicians on election night on Fox news (I realize that Fox is conservative but having this idiot on may have pushed some Republicans to become Independents). Rick was captured as he was leaving the studios and transported back to the island where he will remain in the stocks until after the swearing in of Barak Obama.

Now for the big news. I have decided to move Elisabeth Hasselbeck to My Island. I had her on stand-by for a long time because although I don't agree with her views, I don't watch The View enough to get a feel for her. Those ladies are pretty tough and getting words in edgewise looks very difficult. I figured that maybe she would grow out of her petulant nature. We all deserve that chance (hell, I'd probably be on my own island if I didn't grow some sense). Well, on the advice of a fellow blogger, at Different is Always Good, I decided to take a deeper look at Liz. I watched a good deal of You Tube videos, did some reading and I realized why she irks me so, she has no idea what she is talking about. Here is a woman who has all the means to do good research into her views and ideals and how to back them up and she doesn't do it. She just comes across as, "I am right because I think I am and here's some crap I read on a conservative website." This bothers me. I have many opinions on many topics. Do I address them all in public? No. Why? Because I feel there are some subjects which I don't have enough knowledge to accurately illustrate my point. Liz has no such filter, has had enough time to develop one and made no strides to do so. She is on a daily show with intelligent women and she is coming across as the opposite, not as in opposite of Democrat but opposite of a savvy intelligent woman. You can see it in the way she talks and in her body language. She is not comfortable with the topics or her stance on those topics. The only thing keeping her on that show is the fact that she has a different opinion than the other ladies. They need a conservative person on there to keep a certain audience.
So Liz, enjoy your flight. I am sure you will find lots to talk about with Ann Coulter and Rick Santorum. I almost feel bad for you having to meet someone that will change your mind about your party...too late. Maybe you can keep Rick company while he is doing his time in the stocks. Amy, Britney and LiLo are sure to annoy the hell out of you but I think that you might find you have more in common with them than you thought. I eventually see you guys as a version of "Friends" but living in a cave or hut made of banana fronds instead of a NY apartment.
On the island:
Ann Coulter
Rick Santorum (escaped and captured)
Brittany Spears
Amy Winehouse
Lindsay Lohan
Elisabeth Hasselbeck


Mama Dawg said...

Totally linking to you. EVERYONE needs to read about your island.

Mrs Parks said...

Thank GAWD!
It's about time she takes up permanent residence on the Island.
I won't worry about her one bit, she's a "survivor".

honkeie2 said...

can I go to the island with a paint ball gun and a hand tazer?

BS5 Blogger said...

Woooohooo! This is such a *great* concept. I have heard of so few from your list! Would you mind if I made an English island and then maybe your gang and mine could enjoy some solidarity in their unloved isolation? Right now from the top off my head I am considering a quick list:

Brian Sewell
Gordon Ramsay
The cast of Eastenders
Pete Doherty
Chris Moyles

Asthmagirl said...

Thank goodness. It's about time! I knew as soon as she threw herself on the stage with Caribou Barbie that she wasn't the brightest bulb in the chandelier!
And if you could keep Rick there for a good long time that would great!

Kimberly said...

Jamie Lynn... I have a feeling you might be putting her back soon, I have heard that she is pregnant with #2, but that is rumor.

As for Hasselbeck. Oh.my.gawd, don't get me started. Her craptabulous remarks about the auto industry yesterday made me just about burst a blood vessel in my brain (ok, I do live near Detroit so it hurt me more than average).

The thing is, it is wreckless what she says... and out there on television, so you know there is some crazy McCain rally lady somewhere or a million who believe it. She has no business speaking on just about anything she brings up.

I would SO like to be in the audience and get to raise my hand, at which point I would ask her what she would do if The View needed a government loan and we all decided "where do you stop, eh, let Elizabeth go to the unemployment line or next thing you know we will be bailing out airlines".

Katy said...

I love reading about your island! I don't really know who these people are coz i'm an Aussie but they sure do sound like they deserve to be there!!

Rhea said...

I love your island idea. hehe Great stuff. I'm going to picture annoying people on your island now...without food or nice amenities. Survivor-style.

Kat said...

I love your island. And after Joy Behar's remarks about homeschoolers being demented and that they are "afraid" of other children - she might need a conjugal visit with Liz :-)

kccat said...

Don't for get Bible Spice aka Sarah Palin. I nominate her for Vice President, err President of the island. Give her a few weapons and send her on her way. Should be interesting.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Yeah!! Elizabeth is on the island...it's about time!

Live.Love.Eat said...

Good call on Elizabeth! Your island concept is great! I have something like that but just in my head and the consequences are worse than being stuck on an island.

Nina said...

Your Island cracks me up. Is Liz the one who was on Survivor? I don't watch the View. I can't stand shows like that.

Trooper Thorn said...

I nominate the Big 3 Auto Manufacturers' CEO's. Read my blog to find out why (as if you didn't know)

NJDecorator said...

Great addition - I totally agree that she looks uninformed - especially when arguing with Baba...

Andy said...

hahaha I love this My Island game, plus you make good choices. I can think of several others to put on there...

Sue said...

She's done Survivor, she can handle the island. She drives me nuts!