Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shrimp Florentine with Carmelized Garlic

This is my first cooking post.


This was a recipe from Cooking Light although I probably added a little too much butter. :) it was so good though. I wish I could make it again tonight but then I'd get bored with it.

Sometimes, a recipe just comes together even better than expected and that's want happened. It was insanely easy and tasty. The sauce was not thick but reminded me of the creamy Provence broth you get at Monk's with one of their mussel entrees, perfect for that home made bread we had left over from the weekend. The only thing missing a nice crisp white wine. P was going to play hockey later and I didn't want to have to finish the bottle myself (seriously). I made do with a bottle of Stella Artios.

Things I changed:
- added the garlic to the shrimp and sauce before adding to pasta to distribute the flavor
- used a whole 9oz bag of baby spinach instead of frozen
- probably used closer to a Tbsp of butter. I don't think that it made a ton of diffference

Things I'd do differently next time:
- maybe, just maybe try with ff half and half to see if there was a huge diff
- use all larger cloves instead of using the smaller interior cloves (they got too toasty)
- maybe add diced fresh tomatoes (seeded)
- could try with scallops but would probably sear them first instead of saute

Shrimp Florentine with Carmelized Garlic

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