Friday, March 21, 2008

Kevin's Box of Memories

When I walk G-dog I take in the neighborhood as I go. Although the houses are similar and probably looked cookie-cutter when they were first built in the early 50's through the years people have added porches, additions, garages, etc so that they all have a unique look. I look at landscaping and windows to get ideas or just dream of doing something more with ours.

Today, was trash day. No, I do not pick through the trash but when you are trying to keep G-dog away from something particularly interesting you notice things. Today, I saw a Nike box with "Kevin's Box of Memories" written in Sharpie black. It looked like someone was doing some spring cleaning from the rest of the stuff that was there. The box struck me though as I continued on my walk. What did he have in that box? How long had he been keeping things? Why did he throw the box out? In my mind I really hoped that he found another box, a better one to keep his precious memories in. Maybe he had so many that he needed a larger size. What worried me was, what if that box sitting in the street was full? What if he decided that he was getting older and keeping stuff like that was girly? How sad would that be? I don't know this child but I was really hoping that his parents encouraged the idea of holding on to the things in the box instead of sacrificing it to 'spring cleaning.'

No, I will never know what, if anything was in that box but it made me realize that you should always treasure the memories, physical or otherwise that you have.

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