Thursday, March 13, 2008

All a - Twitter

I added a Twitter to my blog so that if I have something ABSOLUTELY nescessary to blog but don't want to take up a whole post (Like, Damn, flipping old lady perfume in the lobby) I can chuck it up there. I hope this does not mean I will forget to post but we'll see how it goes.

Meanwhile back at my desk, it's been a slow day. One of my bosses is near death with some sort of viral plague and the other had to run home because his home alarm was going off. I spent the day updating my databases. Before anyone dies of excitement, understand, this is something I actually enjoy doing. It speaks to my OCD...all those nice neat rows of information that only I can decipher. He he he (evil laugh). This is part of who I am. Now I don't have sock organizers or a color coordinated closet but for some reason, all data needs to be in nice neat rows, same number of digits, same key phrases, etc. I think that this might be an ok control issue to have. It's not hurting anyone (unless they mess with my system), it's self contained and, best of all, backed up. Like if I cleaned the kitchen at home and P wrecked it by say, making a sandwich, I would not be able to type a command and have it magically reorder itself in nanoseconds. I would, however, have to go and 're-order' the CD shelves so P could not find any of his wrist-slitting, whiny music (I can say that, I have depression issues) music.

That would take more than nanoseconds but would at least feel good until I could re-order my kitchen.

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