Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Sticks Are Not as Dull as You'd Think or Who the Heck ARE the People in Your Neighborhood

East Jabipp
Cow Town

Growing up, this is what my neighborhood was called.  I honestly don't remember complaining about it.  We had woods to play in, complete with creek and lots of trees to climb and swing from.  Our street had four horse farms and every home had at least two acres of land.  No lines painted on the street and no sidewalks.  It's hard to call that a neighborhood.  We did have a neighborhood of sorts behind our house, across the creek.  It was always quiet and we never had anything really happen.

We had a couple of friends from softball that lived in that neighborhood but they really were not close enough to walk or ride bikes, especially in the evening until we got a little bit older.  One day, when we were on our way home from school, our friend from the neighborhood decided to ride her bike to our house to meet us.  As we got off the bus in front of the house, a naked man jumped out of the brush about 100 feet away from our driveway. 


Yes, a naked man was in the street and motioning for us to go away essentially.  My Mom sent us in the house and then realized that our friend was on her way, she couldn't go in the house with a little girl on a bike on her way.  My Mom saw our friend turn the corner and start riding her bike.  The man ran back into the brush by the side of the road.  Our friend rode right by...head turning as she passed where the man went in the brush.

When she got to the house, my Mom said, "Did you see the man next to the road?"  Our friend said, "Yep!" with a big grin on her face.  My Mom then called the police and then called the girl's mother.  The police showed up and found the man in the bushes.  The police hadn't given him anything to put on but asked my Mom to identify him.  My Mom felt bad for him so she went inside and got some of my Dad's underwear for him.  

We never got the full story of what his deal was.  I assume he was high or crazy or both.  Every neighborhood has their stories, even the non-neighborhood ones.  It just goes to show you that it's those quiet places you have to keep an eye on or actually...covered.


Andrew Green said...

I had something similar happen to me once....
I was driving on some local road around two AM about ten years ago, and there was a totally nude man standing right on the centerline. I darn near hit him. He waved and screamed at me as I swerved around him.

I later told a friend about the experience, and he was like, "Oh, yeah. That was Bob Nixon! He was on LSD that night."

I didn't ask any further questions.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, a totally naked dude in the street! Thinking about it, I actually went through a period where I got flashed at quite a bit - three different times to be precise. With the first one, I remember my mum calling the police and they came and asked me to describe the man, but he was wearing a coat around his face, so all that exposed, was his man bits. That was embarrassing.

Tarunita said...

Enjoyed reading!
Thanks for sharing!

Eric said...

haha. i liek that your mom had to id him naked. :D

Bryn said...

She got him a pair of underwear? HAHAHAHAHAHA That is awesome. I can totally picture that.