Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Opposite of Healthy Living

I have learned so much by reading blogs because people are actually talking about their experiences, not talking about them in theory.  With what I have learned so far, you'd think I would avoid some of the sillier mistakes that people can make when they are striving to live healthy lifestyles.

I under ate yestdarday.  I literally NEVER do this.  I love food to a fault so I rarely ignore it.  I got up and walked the dogs, did a 3 mile run, only had enough time left over to stretching and a little ab work.  I got ready for work, packed my lunch (tuna sammy with lettuce, fresh tomato and wheat bread) and snacks.  I then made myself a smoothie (nectarine, blueberries, almond milk and Stonyfield fat free vanilla yogurt and a scoop of green powder).  I drank my smoothie and my coffee on the way to work.  Not a bad start.

Things go downhill from there.

At lunch, my boss asked me to run some paperwork to the bank.  No problem.  I had an errand to run too so I decided to do that and run back to the office for my sammy.  I hit the bank and then ran to pick up some more facial moisturizer.  There was a sign that side tracked me...SHOE SALE. one get one half off...

That is what the problem was, if there had been a regular sale, no problem.  I would have found a pair and got out.  BUT, this sale required careful consideration.  I needed to find two pairs of shoes at about the same price to get the most out of it.  I guess I lost track of time because when I left, I was STARVING and my meal was still 15 minutes away.

I got back to to the office, shaking, and quickly made my sandwich.  It was delish.  I love tomatoes and tunafish.  It's kinda like tomato soup and tunafish but since it's summer, you don't really want the soup so much.  Despite my hunger, I was able to enjoy what I was eating. 

The shaking is probably what should have told me I was in big trouble.  I had blood sugar problems in my 20's.  When that happens, it takes my body a long time to recover.  The shaking led to a headache which led to nausea which meant I didn't want to eat my snack.  Not eating my snack made things worse and also meant I could not take anything for the headache.  I made it to 5pm and munched on a mini Luna bar.  I took my headache cocktail and got into bed for an hour.

P felt very bad for me and took me for my fave comfort food...sushi.  The miso coated my stomach and then the sushi, mega protein, and a little bit of comforting rice made my body very happy.

When I stepped back and look at the spiraling of events it just reminded me of how important it is to pay attention to your body.  Listen to the cues it gives you because it is a wonderful and complex living machine.  You have to fuel it correctly to not only just function, but function well.  Today, I missed the boat but I learned or was reminded of some important lessons.


Kristen Andrews said...

ugh, I had one of these sugar attacks yesterday and it took me hours to recover you would think I would learn, I force myself to eat when I get this way though and it does help

Snooty Primadona said...

I am so prone to ignoring eating & have had to really start paying attention. The older you get the more this ignoring thing damages your health. I think the headaches annoy me the most as they seem to linger forever!

The signals your body send you should never be ignored. (Making to note to self to quit ignoring body signals.)

Great post Jen!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Blimey, I am so impressed by all the healthy stuff you eat! If you saw what I ate today, you would probably have palpitations by proxy!