Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Life is About to Become Somewhere Close to Hades



Moving stuff from one room to another.

These are words and phrases I cannot stand.  We are going to be doing some renovations on our 'big room'.  This room is called the big room because that is all it is, a big, effin' room.  It is about 40x14 feet.  When we bought the house we knew that it was used as a rec room.  We were not going to use it for that purpose however because there was another larger room that was perfect for a large tv and a comfy couch.  Now, keep in mind this is a 1950's Cape Cod style home.  Large rooms a a little odd and are usually additions on a house.  The reason the prior and first owners of the house did this was because they had 7 3 bedrooms. 

I am going to let that sink in for a moment.

So, we have this big room that was really poorly built; freezing in the winter and sweltering in the summer.  Probably poor insulation in the outside walls and ceiling.  Since we did not have a basement, it became the basement while we figured out what the heck to do with it.  Now, it is packed with useless crap. 

We have been tossing around the idea of tearing down the walls and insulating this room so we will be a step closer to our grander designs (including stone floor, 'Masterpiece Theatre nook and dining furniture) and so we can have nice big family dinners at a nice big table.  We have started organizing the room and moving various items to more permanent homes in the house.  We have made not so much dents in the clutter but maybe pinholes or thoughts of dents.  Today I was given the news that we have a week to clean the space out entirely.  The demo will commence in a week and a half.

Yes, it appears that our local contractor (neighbor) will be getting a full time job soon so he has to get this done ASAP.  Um...yeah...remember how long it took to get the closets done? 

No, you would not remember that because I was not blogging at the time due to the fact I had ripped all my fingernails out from stress and my typing abilities were nil.

Ok, not really but is was bad.

It is going to be unpretty...I am telling you.

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Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

I agree...home demo stuff is stressful.

But think of the "after". Always think of the "after".

Sending good ju-ju your way! :)