Tuesday, July 22, 2008

My first Bloggy Friend Meeting!

Yea!!!  I got to meet Sue from As Cape Cod Turns yesterday!  We met at her home and I got to meet her G-dog!  She was also very nice and gave me a pretty bracelet and magnet of my fav flowers, hydrangeas (she took the pic on the magnet!) to mark my visit.  What did I get her?  Um....it's sitting at home...probably next to the sneakers I forgot to pack.  :(  Anyway, we had a lovely time.  We went and picked up sandwiches (best Thanksgiving sandwich EVER!) and drinks and then we headed to picnic tables literally on the sea wall not far from the fishing docks.  I will post pics but Sue will probably beat me to it.  I also got to meet her sister and her Mom and her daughter, all great and fun people.  I really wish I had known them sooner because we would have had a blast together all these years I've been coming up.  Oh, she also gave me the BEST lobster I have ever had!  Right off the boat!  I also have a picture of him (RIP).  
I think one of the funniest things we talked about was how we were describing to friends/family who we were going to meet that day.  "I met this person on the internet."  seems to still have negative connotations and will get you odd looks.  
We are hopefully going to get together later in the week, maybe coax Kathy from Kathy Likes Pink away as soon as she gets here on Friday. :)


Candid Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, that is too dang awesome cool!

I live in the same city as Outnumbered2to1 and MyTwoBoyz and have known each other since pre-blogging days. But I talk about my blog world friends and my family (not my peeps in my house, because they are full of love and support) has said: Don't get too attached to those people. The next thing you know they will be wanting to live in your basement.

So, if you are ever anywhere near Sheboygan Wisconsin and would like to visit me or live in my basement with P and G-Dog I would say yes, but don't tell my parents.

Mama's Losin' It said...

That's really cool...although being the socially reclusive person that I am I think I'd be super nervous to meet any of my bloggy friends in person.

Los said...

I've never met any of my fellow bloggers ... or at least not any that I didn't know before ... someday, I guess.

I don't think I have any blogging buddies from the Outer Banks - I'm going there next week!

KathyLikesPink said...

Two more days!! Two more days!!!

Mom2FiveBratz said...

fthI met my best friend on the internet almost 10 years ago, and have YET to meet, although we talk on the phone daily, send each other snail mail, etc.

Anonymous said...

umm .. I get that you, P and G-dog (spoiled bitch that she is: ) are on vaycay, but wtf happened to the clues? Up early in Philly? You slip on them? 15 La's? I was loving that I might have that Philly edge (except that I was rarely up early) and then it all disappeared.
Whatevs ; )

Glad to hear that the event went well. How are W&L doing with the new kiddo? It's a rude awakening sometimes - I hope they're hanging tough.

How's the cape? You should call K's Aunt and Uncle. I'm sure they'd totally love to see you guys. Seriously. If you want their number, email me.

Other J

swile67 said...

isn't it fun to meet bloggy friends face to face...had my first one while on holidays in ireland!

Snooty Primadona said...

How very cool. Whenever I talk about my bog friends my hubby just gives me this look that says "WTF are you talking about people you've never met for?" He just cannot grasp that concept, lol.