Thursday, May 27, 2010

YOUR Going to Flip ME Off? Really, Bike Dude?

I am going to take some crap for this one. Not many but a couple people.

I am a considerate driver when it comes to people on bicycles. I think that it is a great way to exercise and a wonderful alternate form of transportation. I make sure that I don't tailgate them on back roads. I pass them carefully if needed, I don't gun my engine.

So when some jackass who thinks that he is Lance Armstong or just has his ego, decides to flip ME off for cutting me off in an intersection when I have the right of way (see that left turn signal, buddy it's for people make LEFT TURNS, NOT GOING STRAIGHT!) I get really fired up.

Who do these guys think they are? They are on a moving vehicle which is subject to all the traffic laws that we in cars are supposed to abide by but they are almost NEVER ticketed for things that would warrant HUGE fines for drivers in cars. They blow stop signs, red lights, use turning lanes as their own personal line jump at traffic lights and are a generally selfish bunch.

Share the road? Yeah, I'll share the road when they decide to share it.

No excuse for this kind of behavior at all.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Burning Question

I was running this morning and there is a stream of thought that I could not get out of my head. In the movie "Animal House," when our heroes are standing in Dean Wormer's office as he reads off their grades to them I wonder, which was worse, D-Day's "has no grade point average, all courses incomplete" or Bluto's 0.0? I mean, D-Day probably could have just retook the classes and had no failing grades (if he didn't fall off the face of the earth according to the end of the movie) but Bluto and the other guys with crazy low GPA's would have to spend the rest of their college careers trying to bring up that GPA. I mean Wormer seemed pretty disgusted with them all but I think D-Day had the least worry.

What do you think?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Heartsick and Scared

A long time ago there was a young girl who found everything about the ocean magical. The more she learned the more she wanted to learn. She played in tidal pools with hermit crabs, searched for starfish on the jetty rocks and swam underwater with her eyes open until they stung from the saltwater.

Eventually, she learned about the wetlands and estuaries from a marine science camp and fell in love all over again. She learned how the wetlands act as nurseries for many of the aquatic creatures she'd come to love and how they protect the mainland from bad weather coming in from the ocean. It thrilled her to see how all of a sudden the grassy salt marsh hay stopped and the longer, beach grass started. Watching fiddler crabs scurry from hole to hole dragging their big claw was comical and always brought a smile to her face.

She went to college for Marine Biology and learned more and more. While there though she realized that this love could not be translated into a job. Many of the professors turned her off to the program and she found other interests. She sill loved the ocean, the wetlands and all it had to teach her but she wanted to learn about it on her terms.

Today, she stares at the pictures from the oil spill and watches it kill everything the wetlands she loves. She feels a murderous rage for the people that allowed this to happen. She is even more angry at the people that try to play it off as some sort of natural occurrence. Watching the oil creep towards the shore and spread out in the currants reminds her of 'The Nothing' that was consuming Fantastica in 'The Neverending Story'. When she thinks of the death that will cover the wetlands for years to come tears spring to her eyes and her heart feels as if it is being squeezed by a horrible meaty fist.

That girl is me. I am heartbroken at the knowledge that not only will so much death blanket the area but that it will continue to do so for years and years. The ecosystems will be changed forever and while amazingly resilient, their recovery will not satisfy the instant gratification this world craves. I worry that after a year, people will look at the area and decide that it is then ok to further poach the wetlands for MORE oil. They will not give the area the time it needs to heal and it will be lost and dead forever. I am very scared for what this means for all the wetlands and oceans. This is what 'drill baby drill' has gotten us.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Breaking Up is Hard to Do

I think I may have clicked "New Post" a half a dozen times today trying to figure out which topic to tackle. The one that is foremost on my mind right has to do with a difficult decision I need to make.

Do I quit Lottery Yarn or stick it out?

YL has lost it's allure now that I am required to work a set number of hours and have been denied days off when I have requested them over a month in advance. I don't need the aggravation of trying to find people to cover a shift when my husband needs to go out of town or if I want to do something more fun than stand around at YL on a gorgeous day.

Have I gotten anything out of it? Honestly, not as much as I thought I would. I have been there four years and I was able to get some furniture for the bedroom and a leather couch and odds and ends. I got a few gifts at good deals too. What seems to be happening now though is I am putting in more than I am getting out.

I teach their design classes and the regulars are always coming back and really seem to like what I do. I bring coffee for them and morning goodies (which I was told I was no longer going to be reimbursed for). I research the topics ahead of time to get more info because the outlines are terrible. I have enjoyed doing it and I get high praise from everyone in the store, you'd think I'd be a bit more of a valued employee but no.

I take the job seriously although I have another full time job that takes priority. I don't cheat the YL job just because it is not my full time job. I just think that I deserve the same respect and I don't think anyone there is getting that respect. For example, they scheduled a mandatory meeting after hours on a Sunday. That would normally not be so bad but that particular day is FATHER'S DAY. Who does that? Who tells their staff of whom 90% is part time that they need to be around for a mandatory meeting from 6pm to 8pm ON FATHER'S DAY?

The flip side is, I enjoy just about everyone I work with and I enjoy helping most customers. I am just thinking that the $8.70/hour plus discount really isn't worth what I am giving up anymore.

Thoughts? Help? Suggestions?

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was over at Mommy Melee (that's right, I can read Mommy blogs and not be a mommy) today and was reading her opinion on some things having to do with ads and blogging. Now there were somethings on that post that really steamed me but what I was really wondering is...

Am I lazy because I don't really care that much about ads and PR?

When I started blogging, I was in a freshman class with some talented people. Many of them have really taken off and are doing incredible things while I took an ...ahem...hiatus. They have great sponsors and are going to conferences and doing cool giveaways.

Then there is me, trying to find the time, trying to come up with something good to write about while simultaneously trying not to feel bad that I can't build stuff like the ladies at Knock Off Wood or Remodelholic. Where is my time being spent?

I will admit...there was a time period during the winter where I watched too many reruns or Bones on TNT but I stopped that eventually but the time still does not seem to be available to me.

People say to 'make the time'. That is physically, and I mean in terms of physics, impossible. I added up the hours I have during the week recently and I was STUNNED at what was available to me outside or job 1, job 2 and sleep. It didn't seem like much.

So what to I need to change in order to feel like I am getting the last drop out of the time I have.

How do you do it?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Foodie Weekend Part 2

So since I had busy Saturday, I knew I would not be able to do Mother's Day justice. So, I turned to a place that I knew would; The Spring Mill Cafe in Conshohocken.

*I took this pic through my car window a couple years ago*

I have a personal connection to this place or rather P does. He has known the proprietors since he was about three years old. The owners, son, Ezra and P would spend time there after school. P remembers eating the sugar cubes on the tables. Now, Ezra runs the place and his mother still is the chef but she also travels a good deal Still, the kitchen is absolutely wonderful and very consistent.

We had been many times but never for brunch. OH what we were missing! What was so great was that even though it was brunch, they had some of the specialties like their house make pates and chocolate mousse. There were a few other things that I don't usually see though like the brioche and berry mousse that I had as my appetizer. First you have to know that the breads are all made on site so this brioche was fresh out of the oven, hot and sweet and the perfect match to the berry mousse. P had the house pate plate; truffled chicken liver mousse, rillettes and country pate. Their pate is the best I have ever had. I go there to get it if I am bringing an HDO to someone's home. P was nice enough to give me a little. :) Mom got a fruit plate which she liked but was...fruit. :) For our main course I had their version of Eggs Benedict with pancetta and fresh Maine crab. They poached the eggs so perfectly that when you punctured them, the yolk perfectly enrobed the dish. P had Steak a cheval (steak and eggs). He made fast work of it, no taste for me. :( That's ok though. Most of the table had chocolate mousse for dessert. Here's the thing about the chocolate mousse, ethereal. That is the only way to describe it. It is an experience to eat it. All in all, it was a a fabulous meal, not surprising because we always love it there.

A note on the wonderfulness of the restaurant manager, Ezra. On Valentine's Day, as P and I were leaving the restaurant, Ezra gave us 2 chocolate mousses to take home because he knows how much we LOVE them. How awesome is that! I highly recommend going as soon as possible!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Foodie Post Yay!

Without pics - Booo! Ok, one pic thanks to the restaurant's website.

I am sorry but my stupid Blackberry will only hold a couple pics these days for some reason. Yet another reason to get an iPhone.

Anyway...this was an INSANE foodie weekend for me. I tried a new place and was at an old favorite for brunch.

On Saturday evening we went to L'Oca in Philadelphia. It is an Italian bistro right smack dab next to Eastern State Penitentiary. I love this section of Philly. I lived there for a year and just fell in love. It was fitting that we had this dinner with my old roomies who are now married with kids and living in Fairmount.

L'Oca is a BYO and we brought a lovely Malbec and our friends brought two reds as well. They were perfect for the windy, chilly evening. For starters P and I had the Gnocchetti Armenville -

Baked croquettes of semolina flour, Parmesan & Asiago cheeses, red peppers, mushrooms, asparagus and speck (smoked prosciutto), topped with brown butter & sage. There were six croquettes so it was a good one to split...and they suggest you do so. Each was a perfect pillow with the stuffing placed inside. The flavors were amazing together. For my main course I had the Trofie Con Funghi e Patate - Artisanal pasta braised with potatoes, arugula, exotic mushrooms and tossed with Toma cheese. I am a huge mushroom lover and this dish was absolutely amazing and perfect for someone that could live on mushrooms. The cheese and the mushrooms and the arugula were a simple combination but their layered flavors were heavenly. P had the Braised Goose with Pappardelle. It was named 'Best of Philly' for pasta in 2007 for this dish. P was going to get the steak but I convinced him that his love of duck made this a better choice. I was wrong that goose and duck were so similar but this dish was even better than mine and that was saying a lot. The ragu was succulent, rich and had a background sweetness that enhanced the overall flavor. The only place that fell a bit short was the dessert we had. We both chose a chocolate flourless cake that was described as 'close to a brownie consistency.' It was too dry for both of us but since we got nicely made cappuccinos we did a little dipping and it was quite nice. :) One of our friends got the lemon tart described as 'lemon meringue without the meringue.' It was quite tart but I noticed it was gone rather quickly as well. :)

What I found interesting was that what we chose went along excellently with the windy chilly day. It was as if it was a part of the meal. The restaurant became loud as it got more crowded but it still felt warm and cozy as we drank our wine, chatted, laughed and watched the trees get tossed in the wind. The large windows which can all be thrown open wide in nicer weather is just one of reasons I want to go back soon. The food will keep me going back in any season.

Next: Mother's Day Brunch review. I know what they say about brunch but this place is an me.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Little Things: Raisin Bread Toast

I bought some raisin bread at the West Chester Growers Market last week from Big Sky Bread Company. Mom and I split it and I have had it in the fridge all week. This morning I had a craving for it so I took out 2 slices (oooo! has some chopped nuts too!) and put it in the toaster (which is awesome by the way. Thank you Consumer reports). I even indulged in a little butter. OMG! It was heaven. They were perfectly toasted and the bread was a treat without being too sweet.

I need to remember to pay attention to little moments like this because it was by far one of the BEST things to happen to me this week.

The High School Flashback I will post in a little bit...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Can't Fix Stupid

I have a temper. Anyone who has played football with me has seen it. It is jokingly referred to as "Red Jen" as in "Red Ross" from a Friends episode. I went Red Jen today with somethings I saw on Facebook.
See that picture above. The cute black and white doggie sleeping in the sun with his rabbit (under his paw) and flying squirrel face (next to his nose)? That doggie that snuggles with me and licks away my tears and running sweat should be dead according to some people. Do you know why? He is part pitty. Yep, the lab/pit mix I have should be illegal and euthanized. Do you know why? He is vicious. So vicious that he runs from the vacuum cleaner, the opening of new garbage bags and shakes when there are fireworks in the vicinity. He is such a frightening specimen of canine aggressiveness that you must protect yourself from the nosy nudges for head scratches and belly rubs. Worst of all is when he pulls his lips back and...smiles when you say "Hi M-dog!" or give him his dinner or take him outside.

There are people I was arguing with for awhile that think that all Dobermans, Rotties, German Shepherds and any other dog with a big mouth that could possibly kill anything should be illegal and killed.

I stopped arguing when they said that part. I just simply said, "I can't argue with you anymore. I can't fix stupid."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Delay...Due to Yarn

My Deadliest Catch Recap will be delayed due to a gathering of co-workers from the Lottery Yarn saying good bye to another friend and co-worker. Since we are forced to be in the store (whether there are things to do or not) until 10pm, festivities could not commence till that hour.

I am getting tired of the Yarn. When I started working there I could work a shift or two a week now I supposedly (I say supposedly because the jury is still out on that, more later) I HAVE to be there 12 hours a week. Considering that there are 168 hours in a week and 49 of those are spent (hopefully) sleeping and 40 at my day job, that leaves 79 hours to have a life....12 of which are taken away from the Yarn. It's not looking too good for the part-time job right now...

*PSA: for those of you who do not know what Lottery Yarn is, it rhymes with my part time job. Think about it.

Monday, May 3, 2010

In Dreams

I had killer migraine this morning. Usually they go away after I medicate but not today. I don't usually dream when I try to sleep away the pain but today I had a very vivid dream, one that squeezed my heart almost dry of tears. I dreamed of my Dad.

It was daytime, the sky was blue and I was on a ladder of some sort. I saw my Dad walking towards me talking as if he had not been dead for seven years. He was wearing a light green shirt, shorts and his glasses. He was directing me where to go to buy a computer. All I wanted to do was hug him and hold him close. I had to say 'Dad' a could times to get him to stop talking. Then I looked at him and said, "Can I please have a hug?" He looked a little odd as if the question surprised him. It was as if he didn't really get that he had been gone for so long. He opened his arms and hugged me. I was holding on to tight and just started bawling uncontrollably, no speaking. I remember the tears being hot and getting on his shirt. Somewhere in the background someone said, "She is grieving." I just wanted to hold on. He was warm, like he'd been in the sun. I remember his smell and just being safe, no worries for a few moments. When I woke up, I was on my side, my arms were wrapped around me and they were almost numb from I guess squeezing so hard. I was surprised that my eyes were dry because of the crying. I just wanted to go back to sleep and go back. Even now as I write this, I am crying.

I forget the grief sometimes and the anger at not having him in my life. It's days like this that hit me like a ton of bricks. I am never sure after wards if I feel better or worse.