Wednesday, May 12, 2010


I was over at Mommy Melee (that's right, I can read Mommy blogs and not be a mommy) today and was reading her opinion on some things having to do with ads and blogging. Now there were somethings on that post that really steamed me but what I was really wondering is...

Am I lazy because I don't really care that much about ads and PR?

When I started blogging, I was in a freshman class with some talented people. Many of them have really taken off and are doing incredible things while I took an ...ahem...hiatus. They have great sponsors and are going to conferences and doing cool giveaways.

Then there is me, trying to find the time, trying to come up with something good to write about while simultaneously trying not to feel bad that I can't build stuff like the ladies at Knock Off Wood or Remodelholic. Where is my time being spent?

I will admit...there was a time period during the winter where I watched too many reruns or Bones on TNT but I stopped that eventually but the time still does not seem to be available to me.

People say to 'make the time'. That is physically, and I mean in terms of physics, impossible. I added up the hours I have during the week recently and I was STUNNED at what was available to me outside or job 1, job 2 and sleep. It didn't seem like much.

So what to I need to change in order to feel like I am getting the last drop out of the time I have.

How do you do it?


L.R. M-J said...

I pay someone to be me, which may be why some of my friends get weird responses! ;)

Los said...

Eh, a blog is what you want it to be ... for those who get sponsors, a blog can overconsume you ... it's a lot of work.

Kristen Andrews said...

I think a blog should be what you want it to be too

paige said...

I don't think you have to blog everyday to have a great blog. I just blog when I can. I just open it up, type what comes out and publish (which is probably why my blog is a random mess, but I digress). It's fun and it should be for you.

Sponsors on blogs give me a headache.

Muffy Willowbrook said...

I think you and I started blogging around the same time and to be honest - I dont' have any aspirations to be a well marketed or campaigned type of blog. There are those out there - but I rarely read them. It's too much coming at me at once.

I don't blog as often as I used to, and I'm sure my readership is down - but really, I tend to feel that blogging can sometimes turn into a popularity contest and that's not really what I'm going for.

Mj said...

i agree with the other slacker bloggers that have commented..sponsors? that sounds like too much work. writing is just fun. i just fell into blogging cuz a friend sent me her link so i could keep in touch. that's all i do it for..a way to keep in touch and occassionally a creative outlet. i use it like dark chocolate..pure enjoyment. so...slack away!!