Thursday, February 12, 2009

Warning: Island Post Tomorrow

I know I have not been blogging daily and I should be flogged for it. I have been contemplating a "My Island" post but want it to be perfect so I have been putting my brain power there. I hope to have it posted tomorrow morning.

You may already know who is going but I promise there will be surprises and all around good feelings about the outcome.


Los said...

Although I enjoy islands, I hope I am not the one voted to be on this one!

Sue said...

Love the island posts. Can't wait!

Sophie Brador said...

Two labs at once! It sounds like a great idea. Labs are amazing dogs and being able to adopt two who are bonded and already trained (I'm assuming) is an extra bonus. It is a crazy idea, but the best crazy idea you've probably ever had.

SB and Sherry

my2boyz said...

I wonder who???? I am looking forward to the post

Marilyn said...

The crazy lady with all the kids!!!

BS5 Blogger said...

I like your island posts!