Monday, February 16, 2009

My Island Spin Off - What About the Kids

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On Friday I mentioned that I had a hard time sending Octo-Mom Nadya Suleman to 'My Island because of the children that would be left behind. Now I do think they would be better off with someone else but her mother is clearly not the one to care for them either. Then I thought, "What about Brit's kids and even Elizabeth's?" (I know, Liz is married but seriously.) The kids are innocents in their parents' lives, caught up in a web they did not fashion. What should be done with the children of the island inhabitants?

Where could kids go where it was happy but not over-commercialized?
Sunny days, sweepin' the clouds away.

Where could they go where is was healthy and safe?
On my way to where the air is clean!

Can you tell me how to to get to


Ok, is this not perfect? The kids would get attention from caring adults and would be able to cuddle up with furry monsters that would make them laugh daily. They would learn about things their parents don't know about like, manners and being nice to people (not depending on whether it makes God happy or not). They would learn to count with a Count and a pinball machine. They would learn a second language earlier than high school. It's a happy place but not so over the top that the kids would OD on saccharine.

From all my years watching Sesame Street there is plenty of housing in those cool brownstones and if a kid is adventurous there is a gient birds nest they can try out. All in all I think it is about the best idea I have come up with since the island so it is fitting that it is a spin off of such a place. There has to be balance in the universe and I think Sesame Street balances out My Island perfectly. :)


Mama Dawg said...

You totally NAILED it! Best place EVER for kids!

Mrs Parks said...

You are some kind of genious : )

EmBee said...

I don't know... That Bert's got some shifty eyes.

Los said...

I always ... ALWAYS ... wanted to live on Sesame Street as a child. I wanted to live next to Ernie and Bert.

Anonymous said...

I think I would have found Sesame Street a little scary as a child. How about the Magic Roundabout?

Anonymous said...

It could work. Nice creative solution!

Lula! said...

Your genius never ceases to amaze me. Sesame Street, indeed. I LOVE YOU FOR THIS!!!!

Your island concept is still one I claim as pure brilliance, after all these months.

But don't kill me--you know I love Elizabeth and her 2.5 kids. So she cannot be on my island. Keep her on yours, of course. But she and Ann are hanging with me on Sesame Street. Just know I am the saner of the 2. Me and Big Bird.

You can put Octo-mom on the island, though. She and Amy Winehouse can make horrendous music together.

Capricorn said...

My daughter would happily send me to the island, just to go live with oscar the his 'twash tan'!

TSannie said...

This idea of yours just keeps getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

I love your island idea! They need hidden cameras there watching the inhabitants every move. There could be a whole island tv channel...kinda like The Truman Show. I wonder if they would turn to cannibalism at some point. It would be interesting to watch them all get annoyed with each other!