Monday, September 13, 2010

Bloggy Bootcamp Philadelphia ReCap - (Extended Version)

For a shorter re-cap from me, click here

My head is still spinning from Bloggy Boot Camp in Philadelphia this past weekend.  If you read my post on Friday, you'd know I was a little nervous and unbelievably excited at the prospect of meeting all the wonderful ladies that I had 'met' online over the past couple years and meeting new SITS girls that I didn't know before that were newbies and vets. 

Now knowing Tiffany (in all her pretty glory and melodious voice) I knew this was going to be a special event but I was blown away by everything that was packed into an 8 hour conference.

Scary Mommy aka Jill Smokler showed us how to grow our blog in "an organic and authentic way" by following some basic social media etiquette.  You must visit her.  She is an amazing person and blogger.  I also commend her for not killing her husband when he brought a puppy home while she was away.  We have dogs but I would kill my husband if he did that to me and then I'd let the new dog take over his half of the bed.

Nap Warden aka Cynthia Wheeler rocked an awesome video about blogging and why your design is important.  I loved seeing her show us why a 250 pixel heading is a good way to BUT...that rule is made to be broken at the right time and blog.  She is a super talented illustrated and designer and in love with all things Adobe.  Someday Cynthia, they will be begging you to represent them.  I know this.

Better in Bulk aka Laura Franklin's presentation could not have come at a better time for me.  She wore her beauteous DSLR camera proudly around her neck (I hope she got a massage later) while she showed us how to get the best out of our cameras.  You know how we bloggers LURVE our pictures!  Her top 10 Tips are now inside the camera bag of my NEW NIKON D3000!  I might have to laminate it. ;)

Uppercase Woman aka Cecily Kellog in her very quiet and unassuming way (giggle, giggle, giggle) explained how we can find our voice when it comes to our blog.  Ok, that is all wrong.  Cecily showed us how to ROCK our inner voice through our blogs.  Her 'be yourself' no nonsense attitude made me want to run out and attack all those opinions I have that I have not shared on my blog out of shear fear I might offend A reader.  Ok, then I calmed down and realized she was showing us how to be ourselves and still connect with our readers.  Cecily just rocks and I really hope I can put my voice out there like she does.

During our PR 101 section Just Precious aka Julie Meyers Pron, The Centsible Life aka Kelly Whalen and Philly Burb Moma aka Shannon Ott made the somewhat confusing and overlapping worlds of PR, Advertising and Marketing understandable.  Their instructions on adding a "Blog Package" vs. a "Media Kit" to your blog were invaluable.  Having people from the industry teach you about the industry was unbelievably helpful.  They are also local gals so I was mucho proud to have them speaking. While the PR virgins were getting their info on, the vets were in another room gabbin' it up about what they were up to with the next steps to their blogs.  You'll have to check in with some other attendees for that info. 

Feels Like Home aka Tara Ziegmont blew us all away with her roadmap to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).  The brain on that chick is amazing.  She explained how shearch engines work and how to use them to get people to find your blog.  What happens when you type your blog name into a search?  want it to be up top?  SEO is the way to go.Oh, I am also breaking her rule at this moment with a long post.

Open Sky's go to guy for social media, Ted Rubin, showed us not only the intriguing world of Open Sky and having your own easy as pie shop on you blog but showed us how relationships matter.  He uses the phrase ROR or Return on Relationships a good deal and he knows what he is talking about.  It is all about the networking whether you are blogging, running a business in a brick and mortar store or doing your business online.  He also likes scotch.  My kind of guy.

It all ended with drinks, feather masks, a little bit of JC Mellancamp dancing at the cocktail party sponsored by VirtuaWoman.  I wish I could have partied all night with these ladies.  I was having such a good time.  Alas, this chickie was local and took the Lansdale/Doylestown home at the last possible minute.  Please read my shortened version of the conference here and my do's and don'ts and general suggestions if you are Campin'  at another event.


Annie (Lady M) x said...

Sounds like you had a bloody brilliant time! I am going to earmark a spare hour and read all the blogs that you have mentioned.

Megan (Best of Fates) said...

Such a great summary - it was fantastic meeting you. And I hadn't heard about Jill's husband getting a dog, that's hilarious! (I mean, only from the outsider's view. I'm sure it's not funny at all to Jill!)

Coma Girl said...

Yup, that about sums it up! Can I just link my summary to your blog ;)

It was a great time and I'm so glad we got to meet :)

erica said...

Great re-cap! I am so glad we finally got to meet in person. I love my local gals.

Lolli said...

It was so much fun to meet you! Philly BBC was awesome! Let's do it again! ;)

Nap Warden said...

Well thanks for the kind words. SO glad I got to hang with you at Boot Camp!

Is Adobe really going to call some day??? I'm psyched;)

tulpen said...

I'm thinking about attending if they do one in Boston this Spring. Should start stocking up on wine NOW. Me and a big group of women? I'll need to stay drunk for that for sure.