Friday, February 29, 2008

Something Positive

P calls me a pessimist. I think I am a realist but in the 7 entries I have written there is not a whole lot of positivity. Maybe it's the winter doldrums...actually I know it's just me. I have hope and joy in me. It doesn't manifest a whole lot though. My life is not bad at all either. This is what leads me to believe I am selfish but we'll touch on that another time. Right now I am going to TRY to be positive.

Hmmm...I have about 1/4 a bottle of red wine downstairs still. That's a good thing. The G-dog's sampling of raisins did not end as bad as it could have. I got my new necklace today (LOVE IT). There are WAY too many girl scout cookies in the cabinets and a little milk in the fridge. It's supposed to snow tonight. I don't have to work this weekend. I can actually think of more! That's a really good thing! Maybe I can actually be more positive. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Look What I Got Just for Me!

I just ordered this cool necklace from ModCloth. Although most of the stuff on this site is NMS, it has many unique pieces that would satisfy a funky friend or teen. It is also EXTREMELY reasonable. This piece was only $11.99 and they ship USPS. They also have one of a kind vintage stuff too. Should be here by Monday! Just the thing to brighten up a dreary day!

The Best Intentions...

Yeah so yesterday I talked about going home and punching up our decor by moving furniture. What I actually did was walk G-dog, bake an Amy's Mushroom and Olive Pizza and watch TV all night. I did manage to draw a picture of what I might do with the bedroom but I think I somehow scaled it wrong on the graph paper. If I angle the bed in the corner, it looks like the bed would almost touch the opposite wall. That doesn't make sense. So since I was tired and my ear was beginning to hurt. I gave up and went to sleep. I'd really like to give this idea a shot unplugging the TV, cable box etc and then moving everything to find out it won't work is not something I am into. I have this great picture in my head that behind the bed in the corner, could be a little table we could use for an alarm clock since right now we have an iron bed with out a solid headboard and maybe have a chandelier hanging over the head of the bed for some cool ambient lighting. A dresser/armoire could go on the wall that the bed is currently occupying with the TV on/in it. This way, the TV and dresser are not the first thing you see. It looks a bit thrown together as it is now. This would also leave space on the walls for pictures and or art. Right now, because the TV is occupying the corner, it makes wall decorating difficult. I really need some pictures to help flesh this out. I am worried about the bed taking up too much space if it is angled. We just need a little more umpf for this room and the current furniture locations are not working. This may be why I am having trouble sleeping.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Peace and Quiet

So I am going it alone for a few days while P is at training. No snoring and a bed to myself (shared with G-dog). I do find it more difficult to fall asleep when he is not around. I CAN stay asleep longer though (see, snoring above). I actually taped him snoring last week so he could hear what I have to deal with on a nightly basis. He might get it now but I am not sure. Anyway, it is interesting having the house to myself. I can watch what I want (Celebrity Rehab) and cook what I want (fish, asparagus, spinach) without worrying about stepping on anyones toes or stereo equipment (or ripping XBox controllers out of the CPU). There is that part of me that wants to move everything around and try new furiniture layouts but then I get home and think how nice it would be to collapse on the sofa/bed/floor and sleep or watch tv. We'll see what happens over then next few days. At this point I have to psych myself up for the fact that I am the lone dogwalker right now. Ugh. G-dog likes to pull at night.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Was out with a migraine yesterday so did not post. Feeling much better today. These things seem to come up at the worst times. The 3 days in a row without sleep was probably the cause. As I lay there willing the nail to be removed from my left eyeball, I tried at least to think about work stuff so I wouldn't feel like such a slack ass. Eventually, sleep took over and got rid of most of the pain.

It's hard for people to get what the pain is like from a migraine so they think you have a bad headache and should suck it up. Wish I could. I'd welcome a sinus headache over a migraine, a full blown cold even. Even docs don't get it. One time I told a doc about my bouts with them and she gave me Anaprox DS...that's pretty much a high dose of Aleeve. Gee thanks. It's not like I was asking for morphine or anything, just the meds that kick the migraine away so you can get on with your day. That is a fear of mine though when I am in a doc office and I actually ask for what I need or tell them what doesn't work for me. Once, I had a really bad neck strain/spasm or whatever and the doc wanted to give me a muscle relaxant. I told them that one didn't work for me (made me irriatable and on edge) could I try something else? They gave me this look like I was going to ask for narcs, which I didn't, just another specific type of the same medication. Really annoyed me. Because I have an extensive background in pharmacy and I know what works for me and what doesn't I am looked at oddly. I don't even ask for antibiotics unless I have been sick for a week with no sight of getting better.
Anyway, I am out of migraine meds and that means I will have to go back to the doc to ask for more. Yea! More odd looks.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tired of Halo

"Oh, but it's a good tired." Have you heard that before? I know I have and I am pretty sure I have said it but I am tired not becuase I had yoga class and then teacher training until 10pm but because the night before P and a few others were playing Halo 3 until the room next to the bedroom...where there isn't a real wall right now because the contracter still needs to to finish up...till 1am...did I say that already?
Now, the hilarity of the voices of guys in their 30's playing video games, merrily blowing each other up loses it's charm at about 11pm when you can't even read a mindless magazine because of the noise coming from the next room. When your noise reducing headphones plus sleep CD don't reduce that din, at 12am, charm is not only lost but your mind as well.
Now, since I have to work with 2 of the people that are playing and I play football with the other (P is neither) I can't exactly go in the room and tell them to STFU in my jammies. I could however cut off the power to the room from the kitchen fuse box...

but I didn't. P would kill me and start spouting off about the possiblity of blowing his stereo components to hell, blah, blah, blah. So I didn't do anything but mention to my DH that maybe he might not want to do an event like that again if he wanted to live. I gently reminded him that his new job had a nice life insurance policy that I could use in the event of an untimely demise ("death by stereo" that movie!). I think he got the message.

Monday, February 18, 2008

So Completely Grossed Out

So I was looking at CNN today and I read the article about the 143 MILLION pounds of beef being recalled. I was even more sickened by the reason. This nasty company in SoCa was basically throwing sick cows into the mix, lifting them with forklifts to be slaughtered. There is a flippin' video! When did this happen you may ask? February 2006! So now they are recalling? Most of it has already been eaten! Lets not even talk about the practices in other countries!
Now there have been times, especially since starting yoga teacher training, that I have though about going veggie but then I stop and think about what that would mean giving up. I like to eat a heck of a lot of things that are made with our furry, feathered and scaled friends. Then I thought about the additional veggie products etc that I would need to add to my diet. Where are many of them made? Not in PA. So, by going veggie, I would then be adding to the destruction of the environment by having those products brought to my door.

So what is the alternative? Going local.
When I was living at home, we got almost all, probably 95% of out meat, poultry and pig products from a farm in Honeybrook, PA, Tobey Hill Farm I think it was called(the other 5% came from another lost art, the local butcher). I never knew that people actually got meat from a g-store until I was in high school. I remember loving going there. There was a big pond with an old wooden seat swing, hung in such a tall tree that you felt like you were flying over the pond when you pumped hard enough. Inside the sales area, there was a picture of a cow pointing out all the parts that you could get. They also sold candy sticks in like 20 flavors. If we were good we got to pick a couple out.
The animals were visible all over the farm. They were right there and I remember knowing that we ate them but somehow it didn't bother me. The only time I have become bothered by the conditions of the amimals I consume is when I see them being treated badly. I think the fact that because I also became so removed from the animals I was eating, it was even more shocking. As I came to this realization today, I decided that I needed to make some changes. I need to go local again. I need to see where my food is coming from, animals, veggies, fruits, herbs, etc. Unfortuantely, I did a quick search and it seems that Tobey Hill Farms may be no more. I know that there are other places out there to fill my need though and I am going to start doing some research.
Getting 90% of my food from local sources rather than just randomly grabbing whatever at the g-store and taking it home will take some sacrifice and some big changes (especially for P).

I just can't take being a blind consumer anymore.

Friday, February 15, 2008

First Post...Take Two

Ok, since L R M-J has begun her blog, I can't not do mine regularly now. It's really just to even out the blog-universe. She's got the cool life in France, I have the um...well...American life in America. Also, dooce is fantastic and I can only hope to write as well as she does with daily practice. I'll try not to write about work even though I might write AT work. I will take cues from dooce's experience to keep the blog undercover. We'll see how that goes.
Basically, this blog will be a place to unload the thoughts floating in my head. As I get older I am finding that it is hard to remember them and tell people about them later. With the help of my Blackberry, I hope to be able to keep track so I can post later. I am sure funny interesting stuff happens to me but I forget it when I walk in the door at home and see that P is playing Halo and G-dog is crossing her legs at the door ready to burst. The blood I see seems to wipe out all traces of cool stuff I saw or did that day. Maybe if I dump it here, I'll feel better.