Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tired of Halo

"Oh, but it's a good tired." Have you heard that before? I know I have and I am pretty sure I have said it but today...no. I am tired not becuase I had yoga class and then teacher training until 10pm but because the night before P and a few others were playing Halo 3 until 1am...in the room next to the bedroom...where there isn't a real wall right now because the contracter still needs to to finish up...till 1am...did I say that already?
Now, the hilarity of the voices of guys in their 30's playing video games, merrily blowing each other up loses it's charm at about 11pm when you can't even read a mindless magazine because of the noise coming from the next room. When your noise reducing headphones plus sleep CD don't reduce that din, at 12am, charm is not only lost but your mind as well.
Now, since I have to work with 2 of the people that are playing and I play football with the other (P is neither) I can't exactly go in the room and tell them to STFU in my jammies. I could however cut off the power to the room from the kitchen fuse box...

but I didn't. P would kill me and start spouting off about the possiblity of blowing his stereo components to hell, blah, blah, blah. So I didn't do anything but mention to my DH that maybe he might not want to do an event like that again if he wanted to live. I gently reminded him that his new job had a nice life insurance policy that I could use in the event of an untimely demise ("death by stereo"...quick...name that movie!). I think he got the message.

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