Thursday, February 21, 2008


Was out with a migraine yesterday so did not post. Feeling much better today. These things seem to come up at the worst times. The 3 days in a row without sleep was probably the cause. As I lay there willing the nail to be removed from my left eyeball, I tried at least to think about work stuff so I wouldn't feel like such a slack ass. Eventually, sleep took over and got rid of most of the pain.

It's hard for people to get what the pain is like from a migraine so they think you have a bad headache and should suck it up. Wish I could. I'd welcome a sinus headache over a migraine, a full blown cold even. Even docs don't get it. One time I told a doc about my bouts with them and she gave me Anaprox DS...that's pretty much a high dose of Aleeve. Gee thanks. It's not like I was asking for morphine or anything, just the meds that kick the migraine away so you can get on with your day. That is a fear of mine though when I am in a doc office and I actually ask for what I need or tell them what doesn't work for me. Once, I had a really bad neck strain/spasm or whatever and the doc wanted to give me a muscle relaxant. I told them that one didn't work for me (made me irriatable and on edge) could I try something else? They gave me this look like I was going to ask for narcs, which I didn't, just another specific type of the same medication. Really annoyed me. Because I have an extensive background in pharmacy and I know what works for me and what doesn't I am looked at oddly. I don't even ask for antibiotics unless I have been sick for a week with no sight of getting better.
Anyway, I am out of migraine meds and that means I will have to go back to the doc to ask for more. Yea! More odd looks.

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L.R. M-J said...

Having just got off the couch with my own little mi, have one word for you Migralgine...the french have one thing down on the non-food side and that is otc drugs! Migraine meds with codeine baby...shall I send you a few boxes? Am happy to trade for boxes of...I'll get back to you :)