Friday, February 29, 2008

Something Positive

P calls me a pessimist. I think I am a realist but in the 7 entries I have written there is not a whole lot of positivity. Maybe it's the winter doldrums...actually I know it's just me. I have hope and joy in me. It doesn't manifest a whole lot though. My life is not bad at all either. This is what leads me to believe I am selfish but we'll touch on that another time. Right now I am going to TRY to be positive.

Hmmm...I have about 1/4 a bottle of red wine downstairs still. That's a good thing. The G-dog's sampling of raisins did not end as bad as it could have. I got my new necklace today (LOVE IT). There are WAY too many girl scout cookies in the cabinets and a little milk in the fridge. It's supposed to snow tonight. I don't have to work this weekend. I can actually think of more! That's a really good thing! Maybe I can actually be more positive. :)

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L.R. M-J said...

You have friends like me!! Who now read your blog and overpopulate the comments section :o) I'll share my LRM-J anti-pessimist motto with you (as I too view life from those glasses!) and that is "out of every bad must come a good" and so far, it has really worked for me! Gros bisous.