Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This

So you probably read that last week was a Craptastic one.  Yesterday one of my monitors at word died too (for me it is like having an eye patch over one eye) so I think that's 3...as in the 3 things that go wrong then you are out of the woods.


Today on Facebook I said "I really would like to say something positive with all the bad luck I have had over the past week...still trying to come up with something."  I really hated to say it but that is what I felt like.  I had a bloggy friend from across the pond that gently reminded me that I do have a few things to be positive or thankful that I have.  

clean water
two doggies

He of course was right and as I thought a little about those things, my fog lifted a little, enough for me to make my lunch.  Then the fog lifted a little more and then I thought about writing about it and now, I am bright(er) eyed and a little more ready to crawl out from under the black cloud that has been hanging around for too many days...partially my fault, partially fate. 

So today I am going to ask you, even though it might sound a little Pollyanna-ish, especially from a cynic like me, If you see someone under a dark cloud, say something nice.  It doesn't have to be annoyingly cheerful, just an acknowledgment that you 'see' them and there is a light out there beyond the black cloud.

Thank you BS5. :)


Pammy pam said...

YEAH CUZ you just never know what kinda day that person is having. it might literally be the only kind word they hear all day.

PLUS: Karma comes back around, baby!!!

The Local Cook said...

I totally hear you! I had a craptastic week last week. Wine helps. Hee hee.

Los said...

Last week did feel like two weeks for me (at least with regards to work).

Coma Girl said...

Have I told you how great your hair looks lately?


How funny - I went in to work on Monday and one of my monitor screens turned this awful shade of lime green. Dell is replacing it, but I hate to work with just one monitor too.

Tracy @ The Chameleon's Backbone said...

Yes, kindness begets kindness! I've had a tough week and got a nice note in the mail from a friend. It made my day and I plan on passing along a good deed to brighten someone else's day!

Erin said...

I'm so much better at giving compliments than receiving them. I saw a struggling mom in Target today whose daughter was throwing a very loud tantrum. I've been that mom. I caught her eye and smiled, trying to say w/ my eyes, "I've been there." And all around me others were giving her nasty looks and muttering under their breath.

Annie (Lady M) x said...

Crikey, it does sound like you had a crap week. But remember - all the shit happened to 'things' which really aren't that important if you think about it. Friends and family are the ones who matter.