Thursday, June 24, 2010

This is Just Weird

So we have very little storage space in our house and it is MOST evident in our kitchen. I actually had to forgo a set of dishes because they were too big for the cabinet. I found a set that work but I definitely need to reorganize a little and maybe put some things in the yard sale pile. The strange part is, I know EXACTLY what I should get rid of or at lease streamline but I cannot bring myself to do it and I don't know why.

Coffee mugs. I know, really odd.

I am not talking about the ones that match my new dishes I am talking about the ones we have been given at little gifts or maybe one that I picked up while traveling. I set it in my mind that I should keep three and I'd let P pick three to keep as well. I could not do it. It was like trying to pick stuffed animals to keep and the rest to send farm.

I think I get this from my Mom. She has a HUGE collection of mugs that she doesn't need as well. Seriously I think she has like 30 in her cabinet. Seriously! Also, I drink coffee every weekday from travel mugs (that I don't get rid of until they are falling apart. Not dishwasher safe? Whatever) so it's not like I am using the stupid ceramic mugs every day, only on the weekends.

Why do I need to keep two Christmas mugs in my cabinet? Why do I need a mug from Cape Cod that was made in China? Why do I need any mug that is smaller than 6 ounces? I don't need them so why is it so hard to get rid of them? Why am I keeping the stainless steel ones that burn my lips when I try to drink from them?

I just really hope I am not moving into Hoarders territory.

Do you have anything that you know you should get rid of but can't seem to?


Eric said...

Well with all the hoarders shows on TV these days you could easily get some role models :)
Hmm I hoard bicycles and the parts that go along with them.

Los said...

Either there is considerable sentimental value in these mugs, OR you are a pack-rat ... I fall into both categories.

Snooty Primadona said...

Ummm... yup. A house full of crap I don't need & can't get rid of. I tell hubby to just throw stuff away while I'm not looking. That way, I never even miss them!


Sophie Brador said...

I'm in Paris until Monday! Can you hook me up with a canine? Just kidding, but for the record, I would have loved to walk your friend's dog. It feels strange to me to be doing all this walking and not having Sophie with me. And, I've never seen so many Jack Russell Terriers in my life. Between the JRTs and the Yorkies, I can't tell which is the dog of choice in Paris.

Also, my X-partner had a massive coffee mug collection. At least 250 - every cabinet and all along the counter tops. All Fire King. I think that quirkiness is what attracted me to him, but in retrospect, maybe I should have run screaming. :-)
I'm sure your collection is not as obsessive.

Also, just saw your "bike dude" post and had to laugh. Have you seen the first episode of Nurse Jackie? It's brilliant. She has a wee run in with a cyclist where she does something I have always wanted to. Montreal cyclists are scary too.