Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Green Bean Spit at Me

Seriously. I don't think it was all to happy to be in that boiling water. I bet it liked it even less when after the blanching it got thrown into a sautee pan.

I wrote a phrase today that made me think a little bit the rest of the day. "It's so great when my love of food works with me instead of against me."

Yesterday I picked up my farm share and went into 'what is this and what do I do with it' mode. Yesterday it all clicked. We had turkey burgers with green beans and almonds and a big salad. The lettuce in the salad was crazy fresh and tasted of spring. All it needed was some craisins and a little vinaigrette. I also got some rainbow chard and beets. I promptly chopped up the chard and the greens from the beats and sauteed that in olive oil and garlic and then added left over brown rice, saving it for this evening's feast.

Last night I prepared a Chicken Tikka marinade, using homemade yogurt no less. It is in the fridge waiting for the grill. I still have garlic scapes that are new to me but dying to use and a few small beats and potatoes that I want to roast so badly I don't think I'd even mind the heat of the oven in the humid weather.

Usually my love of food gets me into trouble. I like my cheese. I also like butter and a heavy handed olive oil pour. It just sees like the fresher the food, the less I have to do to it. I am grateful for the veggies every week. I am grateful for the leafy greens that are turning me into a rabbit because as soon I get used to these wonderful things, they will be gone. Replaced by tomatoes and zucchini. Bittersweet.


Los said...

Nothing wrong with some good tomatoes ... especially, on some rye bread with some onions and salt and pepper.

Kelley with Amy's Angels said...

Makes you wonder about how "fresh" your supermarket food really is, doesn't it? Farm co-ops like yours are really hard to get into around here...but when you hit it right, you can get some awesome stuff!

Mama Dawg said...

Man, now I'm hungry.

I've been lucky to pick enough blackberries in my yard to make about 4 cobblers now. We also just got enough plums for about 6 cobblers.

The plums came from a guy that has plum trees and he had sooooooo many that weren't ruined, he had to give them away to save them from getting rotten.

This is why I love living in the country!

Suburbia said...

Eating seasonally is such a fab way of watching and appreciating the months pass by.

TSannie said...

Didn't make the farm share list this year. Next year I'll sign up sooner. How wonderful to have produce that fresh!
Keep those green beans in line, now!

Superstar said...

Tomatoes are only for cold sammy's and ketchup...IMHO
~looks around~
Your place is fun and I found you via Mama and Los!